Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Wednesday, July 06, 2016 -

By the Hand of the Devil

and other spanking tales
by Susan Thomas
Published: Jun 22, 2016
Words: 25,493
Category: general, fantasy
Orientation: M/F
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By the Hand of the Devil

The Devil Made Me Do It

In the corner of the churchyard, with a least another two hours work to do, Old Tom rested for a moment to watch Melanie Griffiths walking through. She didn't see him as he was partly hidden away in the shade, but he saw her alright. Every man in the village saw her; she was the girl of their dreams. Pretty in looks with a lovely figure, she had a lovely nature to go with it; sunny, happy and willing to help anyone at any time. Now she was wearing a summer dress that ended well above her knees making a feature of her perfect, long, summer-brown legs; the short sleeves made an equal picture of her arms while the thin dress allowed her bottom and breasts to be shown to their best advantage.

"I can't do it," he whispered.

"You must," the voice hissed in his ear. "Now is the perfect opportunity."

A weather-beaten man in late middle age but strong from a life time of manual work, he now moved quickly up behind Melanie, catching her just as she passed the bench with the inscription: In Memory of Giles Alexander who loved this spot. Seizing her and sitting on the bench, he flipped her over his knee, raised the short summer skirt and pulled down the lemon yellow knickers, exposing a perfect bottom, white against the light tan of her legs.

Now he hesitated at the sight of her bare bottom, not because Melanie's screams and cries were disturbing him, but because he knew he shouldn't be looking at her bare bottom, it just wasn't right.

"Spank her hard. Do it!" the voice hissed peremptorily in his ear.

Smack! His hand smacked down hard on her bottom, making it ripple and turn red. Melanie's yell of shock, anger and pain made his eardrums ache. His hand smacked down again and he lost his hesitation and reluctance in the sheer rhythm of spanking her pretty bottom. Poor Melanie, her struggles were in vain for he was a strong man and his work-worn calloused hand was very good at spanking her soft and tender rear. Smack! Smack! The sound of the spanking was eclipsed by her screams, wails and very soon her pleading.

"Oh stop. Stop, what have I done to you? Stop please stop. You're really hurting me."


The Rev. James Lundy had been in the church praying when the screaming started. He was earnestly at prayer because he was very shy with women and desperately wanted a wife. He really liked Melanie Griffiths, but every time he met her he became quite hot and bothered and lost the power of speech. Now the screams ended his prayers and he rushed from the church, wondering what was happening.