Thursday, 4 February 2016

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The Strict Schoolmistress: Book Two

schoolboy tales of yesteryear
by Arthur James
Published: Dec 06, 2015
Words: 24,669
Category: femdom, school
Orientation: F/m
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Miss Kessler
featuring Miss Kessler

Miss Kessler glanced at her small gold watch. There was certainly no one else at St Edwards preparatory school for boys who would have dreamed of wearing such a watch. It cost nearly as much as an ordinary schoolmistress would earn in an entire term. It was no wonder that amongst themselves the boys referred to her as Her Ladyship. Undoubtedly, she possessed an aristocratic air. What she was doing teaching at a rather down at heel boys' boarding school no one could properly understand as she seemed from another world entirely. No one could remember her ever being flustered or losing her poise. It was as if everything was always arranged for her satisfaction. Occasionally, boys were foolish enough to displease her which then meant they had to learn just how unwise that was. It was no wonder that despite her relative youthfulness the governors of the school had appointed her as Headmistress the previous term. It was a meteoric rise but one she took completely in her stride.

Again she looked at her watch. Where was that boy, Pearce? The dormitory monitor had been sent on a most important errand. In the distance she could hear the sound of his footsteps echoing down the corridor as he approached. He knew he would incur an extra punishment if he arrived as much as a second over the deadline he had been given; the Headmistress was an absolute stickler for punctuality. In the dormitory there were eight beds, one of which was occupied by an angelic blond-haired child called Bradley who was cheerfully reading a comic. The other six boys were stood in a line as if taking part in a military inspection. All six of them looked in contrast to Bradley extremely miserable as if they knew that something unforgettably painful would happen soon.

They had all (except for Bradley) been caught red-handed participating in a rather wild pillow fight. Evidence of this outbreak of hooliganism, as Miss Kessler severely termed it, could be seen by the piles of feathers scattered on the floor. At least two of the boys' pillows had burst. It was peculiar, she felt, how whenever she caught the boys of this particular dormitory misbehaving, Bradley was always engaged in some completely innocent activity. It would appear that Bradley was an exceptionally well-behaved child although somehow she doubted the evidence of her own eyes. Maybe it was her feminine intuition or perhaps it was the simple fact that he had at first, until she had drawn his attention to it, been reading his Beano upside down. Anyway, the important fact was that yet again Bradley had not been caught and would escape the caning that all the other boys would deservedly receive. It would be six of the best each plus an extra two for Pearce, as he was a dormitory monitor.