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the sex and spanking community
by Jack Crawford
Published: Dec 30, 2015
Words: 34,405
Category: general, femdom
Orientation: mixed
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Chapter 1: The New Neighbors

Cottonwood, Texas would never be listed as a city in itself; rather it was a gated, secure community within the incorporated city limits of Dallas. The residents, however, would describe their little community as unique, as an enclave of families happily protected from the usual urban blight. Cottonwood sprang from a large dilapidated industrial area near the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. All the buildings in the area had been razed five years earlier and streets and services had been laid out for a community of less than 30 rather large homes on generous lots with impressive landscaping.

The combination of security and privacy, newness of the homes, and proximity to his new job was what caused Steve Hess and his wife Terri to build a new home in Cottonwood when his company relocated him to Dallas. Terri had been particularly excited with the community after several long conversations with both the developer and the sales agent. Although they had no children, and weren't planning on having any, they built a 4,000 square foot home complete with swimming pool and spa. The pool and spa in the back yard were completely enclosed with an 8-foot high fence for privacy.

Steve and Terri were both 38-years-old but looked younger as they maintained a constant vigilance against aging. Both were careful to watch their diets and they worked out regularly. That was one of the reasons for the high fence: Steve loved to jump into the pool after a late night jog, usually just peeling off his running shorts and shoes to cool off in his pool stark naked. Although the lots on either side of their home were empty, Steve and Terri realized that someone would soon build on the lots and they would need the high fence to maintain their privacy.

Home building continued and soon new homes were being constructed next to them. A large two-story home similar to the Hess's own home was built to one side. Eventually, a family moved next door and Steve and Terri quickly met the new neighbors. Like Steve, Nora Daly was a corporate executive and her husband, Mike, was a successful interior design consultant. Mike was self-employed and like Terri, who was a voice coach, he could easily dictate his own hours.

Of the four, Nora was the boldest, often saying and doing things just to shock the others. Steve often wondered if her urge to shock others was her creative talent trying to burst free or if it might be a way for her to let loose after spending most of her days in a rigid corporate environment. He found out one night just how bold she could be.

Like most Thursdays, Terri had a late rehearsal with a local semi-professional chorus. And, like most Thursdays, Steve went for a late evening jog, enjoying the clear and warm July evening.