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Over Her Lap: Book 6

F/F femdom stories
by LSF Publications
Published: Jan 1, 2016
Words: 24,743
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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A Warm Welcome

by by Anthony Alba

I was going to kill Rebecca. How could she have done this to me? It was not as if I had not been invited. The date of my arrival and everything had been pre arranged. Rebecca knew I had difficulty with strangers. She had promised that I would receive a warm welcome. Ringing ahead was a waste of time of course. As soon as I had gotten off the bus my phone signal had been down to one bar. Ten minutes walk later and a NO SIGNAL message was all that it would show. And of course, scatterbrain that she was, Rebecca had never thought to give me her home landline number.

"I am so terribly sorry about this Mrs Garner," I said and tried not to grimace. I was never good with strangers, not like Rebecca who could have them telling her their whole life story a few seconds after exchanging "Hello's."

I looked around searching for a solution but there was nothing I could think of. "I can come back another day when Rebecca is here."

"Nonsense," Mrs Garner replied as she quickly recovered from the surprise of my arrival. I was expected two days from now or so it seemed. She flashed me a warm reassuring smile. "Rebecca has told me so much about you, how you helped her out so much during her first year at college."

The woman glanced to her watch and she shook her head. "And all the busses will have stopped running by now. I'm certainly not sending such a good friend of my daughter out into the dark."

I nodded slowly. In truth I had not been looking forward to venturing out this late in the evening. I was a city girl and this far into the remote countryside might as well have been a foreign land. I had enjoyed admiring the scenery from the bus, but at night with no street lamps or glowing neon signs to light the way, it felt eerie and foreboding.

"And Rebecca did say she had invited you to stay a few days during the summer," Mrs Garner went on as she took me by the arm and led me deeper into her home. "My Becky can be such a scatterbrain at times. It would be just like her to get her dates mixed up. She should be back tomorrow."

"I don't want to impose," I told the woman. And I didn't. The idea of staying in a strange house with a middle-aged woman who I did not know was not high up on my list of how to spend a night. But what choice did I have? She was right. The buses would have stopped by now and I didn't even have a torch. The light on my mobile phone would not carry far enough to navigate the country lanes and road.