Monday, 8 February 2016

Monday, February 08, 2016 -

Little Louisa

by Chloe Carpenter
Published: Dec 24 3, 2015
Words: 36,096
Category: ageplay, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Louisa hurtled round the corner at top speed and sprinted towards the bus stop, then cursed as her bus went whizzing by before she'd reached the stop.

"Oh no," she wailed, and glanced at her watch. She couldn't be late for work again. Today was Friday, and she'd already been late twice - 15 minutes on Monday and a staggering 40 minutes yesterday.

Rather than stand at the bus stop for twenty minutes waiting for the next bus to arrive, she set off walking, intending to hail a cab... not that she could afford it, but it was necessary if she wanted to keep her job at Ventris Construction. She'd been there barely a month and had already made a hash of things including misfiling invoices, forgetting to pass on important telephone messages, and the most disastrous incident of all was when she unplugged her computer's network cable so she could move it on to the next desk (much bigger and nicer, with a pretty pink office chair). As a result of her ineptitude, the entire office network had crashed and some people had lost data. A contender for employee of the month she was not - though if the company had an award for the most inefficient employee of the month, she'd likely win that without even trying.

She sighed and quickened her pace, muttering, "Damn, damn, damn," every time she looked at her watch. It was almost 9 o'clock. She should be at the office by now, and even if a cab came by soon, it would still take 15 minutes to drive in to work. To make matters worse, it started to to rain: a soft drizzle gradually gathered momentum, gentle drops becoming heavier and more frequent, splatting down on the pavement. In mere minutes the shower became a downpour, soaking Louisa to the skin. She inwardly berated herself for not carrying an umbrella, and plodded on dejectedly, her blonde hair dripping and her waterlogged sandals squelching with every step.

When eventually a cab came into view, she hailed it and climbed in gratefully, glad to get out of the rain.

"Ventris Construction please. Morgan Avenue," she told the driver.

The driver nodded and the black cab moved forwards, its windscreen wipers swaying frantically from side to side as the rain teamed down. Louisa brushed her wet hair from her face and leaned back in her seat. Rush hour traffic was always bad, but today it was worse than usual. Vehicles crawled along, and after five minutes the cab came to a complete standstill.

"We could be here for some time, Miss," the driver said. "There's roadworks up ahead and temporary traffic lights."

"Oh no - I'm late enough as it is," wailed Louisa. She could already imagine the humiliating ticking off she would get from Miss Wiggins, the office supervisor, and could clearly picture the old dragon's poker face and the contemptuous expression in her pebble eyes once she beheld Louisa's dishevelled appearance.