Monday, 1 February 2016

Monday, February 01, 2016 -

Cherry Red Bottom

the spanking adventures of a secretary
by Jack Crawford
Published: Nov 29, 2015
Words: 21,764
Category: general
Orientation: M/F, F/F
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Chapter 1: A Mistake at Work

Cerise (Cherry) Stone strode through the small parking lot of the Connecticut fabrication company, a small specialty machine shop where she was the office manager - which meant she worked for the sole owner of the facility as secretary and bookkeeper. Sliding the big metal doors aside just to enough to walk onto the shop floor, she could sense the work slow to a grinding halt.

"Morning, Cherry!" one man yelled out over the sound of the drills and grinders and suddenly a chorus of morning greetings echoed in the big metal shop.

Cherry could feel the admiring gaze of all the guys on the floor as she waved her acknowledgment and strode purposefully to the stairs that led up to the office.

Work did not stop, nor did the guys on the floor yell out their greetings because she had some power in the small company, or because she had any real influence. They all stopped when Cherry came in because of the stairway. It was a long metal stairway that led up one wall to the office which was about a story and a half above the busy shop floor. It was exposed all the way up ... and all the guys wanted to watch Cherry climb the stairs.

Whether Cherry wore the skin tight jeans she now had on, or the occasional tight, short skirt when she was really in a teasing mood, did not matter. The guys on the floor, young and old alike, all stopped to admire the rolling motion of Cherry's bottom cheeks as she took step after step up the long set of stairs. Cherry loved the attention and her day always became better than it started when she felt the admiring gazes on her behind. She knew they were silently stripping her in their minds, imagining her naked bottom as she ascended the stairs, and the thought gave her a thrill.

Once in the spartan offices above, the noise of the metal working resumed to full pitch. Cherry flipped on her PC, stepped over and made a pot of coffee and once it had finished brewing made two cups of regular coffee. 'Regular' coffee in Derby, Connecticut was considered coffee with milk and two sugars. More than one visitor discovered this the hard way when passing through.

Setting one coffee on her desk, she took the other one in to her boss, Anthony Manchisi, who gratefully accepted the foam cup of coffee, sipped it and said, "I thought you'd never make it in."

It was a running joke between them and Cherry was actually right on time. Anthony had a need for morning caffeine and a lazy streak that made him wait until Cherry came in and made the coffee. Anthony was an OK boss. He never really hassled Cherry about anything after he took over the business when his father died several years ago.

Anthony Sr. had hired Cherry as a favor to her father and it was one of the favors he had never regretted.