Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016 -

Abraham Heights: Season 1

a spanking soap opera
by DJ Black
Published: Jan 17, 2016
Words: 28,052
Category: domestic discipline, school
Orientation: F/F, M/F
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Episode 1: The Tutor

Roland Archer checked his watch again. Everyone was late, and he could not abide tardiness.

"Have you any idea why your mother is so late, Karen?" Roland asked his young student as she stood in the corner.

"No sir," Karen replied crisply, slightly apprehensive that he might in some way hold her responsible.

"I have another student at three. Or at least I was supposed to have had," Roland explained. "It is a quarter past now."

Tell me about it, thought Karen. She had been standing in the corner of Professor Archer's study since two o'clock when he had finally finished metering out her straightener for the week. Mother was particular about that. Even when Karen hadn't dropped her grades or been late, the arrangement with Professor Archer, her tutor, required a firm dozen across the bare once a week. But mother was supposed to have come to collect her at 2.45.

The doorbell rang and Karen heaved a sigh of relief. At 18, standing with your bottom on display in front of your middle-aged tutor was definitely not the high point of the week.

Roland went to the door, but instead of Karen's mother, it was his new student Melanie Crow and her older sister Anita, another former student of his.

"Professor Archer, I am so sorry," Anita said breathlessly. "We were hopelessly delayed by an awful accident on the main road."

"I see," Roland said tartly. "You never were a good time keeper, but presumably it wasn't your fault this time. Not that I usually accept excuses as you know."

Twenty-six-year-old Anita blushed to her ears; she could well remember the consequences of any tardiness with Professor Archer.

"You remember Melanie, my sister?" Anita said to deflect any further embarrassing comments on the professor's part. "She has been slipping in English and History."

"Ah yes." Roland smiled reassuringly at the girl. "A sophomore. Your major is in History, isn't it?"

"Yes sir," Melanie replied shyly.

"Your sister has informed you of my methods?"

"Yes sir." Melanie blushed.

"We run a tight ship at the Crow household, don't we Mel?" Anita interjected.

Melanie nodded and blushed even more.

"Ah yes, I seem to remember you had rather a strict upbringing." Roland nodded sagely. "Am I to take it that you are acting in loco parentis?"

"It's certainly loco at our house. I mean, yes professor, that pretty much sums it up." Anita tried to rein in the flippancy in the presence of her old mentor then failed. "I have full custody of the family hairbrush."

"I see. And your old sorority paddle, no doubt," Roland said tartly.

"Oh yes. But Mel has one of her own now." Anita grinned.

Melanie blushed, suddenly wondering if this conversation wasn't veering into dangerous oath-breaking territory.

"A sorority girl? Well good for you," Roland said pleasantly.