Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014 -

Women who Spank Men: Volume 10

by LSF Publications
Published: Mar 27, 2014
Words: 23,941
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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Spanking School

by Stephen de Medici

"Good evening, ladies. My name is Gloria Swatson and I am your teacher in erotic spanking," the beautiful 45 year old woman standing before the small class of women said laconically. "And this is my partner, John," she added, indicating a slim man standing nose-first in the corner.

He had already been noticed - which was not surprising as he was completely nude! He was about six foot tall, in his early forties, of slim but muscular build with a well-rounded bottom and muscular legs. His stomach was flat and he had evidently maintained his body in good condition. There was not one of the dozen ladies in the class who had not been staring at him, wondering just what they had entered into by signing up for this class. They were soon to find out.

"You have all been carefully vetted before being accepted on this course," Gloria began her lecture. "Each of you has a partner - in most cases male - and you have expressed an interest in the erotic aspect of spanking that partner. Let me begin by stating that you are by no means unique in this interest. After all, this is the third such course I have taught and this adult education college does not run courses which are poorly attended."

This was a reassuring fact for the new students, even though they had received a curriculum pack and an exhaustive questionnaire to complete before being invited to an interview with Gloria.

"As you are no doubt aware from the material you have already been given, this course will teach you some - and I stress only some - of the techniques for spanking your partner for erotic enjoyment." Gloria paused for a moment, assessing the mood of the students. She saw that they were very tense and unsure. What they needed was something to break the ice - and she had just the thing! "I think it's time to give you a more concrete idea of what we will be doing here over the next three months, John!" The last word was spoken in a stern, no nonsense tone.

All eyes swivelled towards the nude man still standing in the corner. They watched with varying degrees of interest as he hesitantly turned and approached Gloria. Gloria observed with quiet amusement as every eye flicked downwards to look at her partner's groin. Many of the women blushed and averted their eyes at the sight of his half-erect penis. Gloria seated herself on the straight-backed armless chair on the stage and patted her thighs invitingly. John needed no further instructions and quickly draped himself across her lap in the time-honoured position of naughty boys throughout history. The ladies watched agog as Gloria began slowly spanking John's round bare bottom. She made no comments or explanations; that would come later - this was a demonstration of the most simple method to spank a man's naked behind - an ice-breaker.