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Over Her Lap: Book 2

by LSF Publications
Published: Mar 14, 2014
Words: 24,058
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Sister Matthews' New Patient
by Rachel Gordon

For Sister Hannah Matthews it was just another routine Tuesday afternoon appointment. The weather was unusually warm for early May so she decided to open the windows in her consulting room and keep the door open to create a flow of fresh air. Perfect weather for tennis, she thought wistfully.

For Ellen Glaister an appointment at the surgery was far from routine, in fact it was something of a rare event. After quickly glancing at the letter inviting her to meet Sister Hannah Matthews at 2.15 pm, she looked at her watch to make sure she wasn't late. Punctuality, once a weakness of hers, had improved over time, although of late she had come to realise that she had very little to be on time for.

The fact that the letter made a point of highlighting that Hannah Matthews was the 'new Surgery Sister' seemed to amuse her for some inexplicable reason. Probably because it hinted at some grand importance attached to the title which in her mind equated more likely to over-inflated pomposity. Then, for more obvious and personal reasons, the letter made her think of Gregory and the smile on her lips disappeared as quickly as it had formed.

This rare event for Ellen had arisen because, as the letter held between delicate fingers clearly stated, the results of her blood tests and a short medical questionnaire she had completed at the same time, had pushed her just over the surgery's health risk threshold. On first reading the letter she was surprised but then wondered if something sinister had been found, before she finally dismissed that idea. Gregory often commented on Ellen's butterfly mind.

Although Ellen preferred to stay out of any limelight she was, in the main, a positively-minded and healthy individual. Since moving into the area some fifteen years ago - apart from being randomly called in over two weeks earlier for this particular health check - Ellen could not recall visiting the surgery or having need of a doctor for herself. She had no children and had not succumbed to any illness except the common cold and a single bout of influenza.

As to the recent arrival of Sister Matthews, there was no reason why she should be aware of that event, but even if she had known, it would have meant little to her. Ellen had always been a private woman, leading a private life. She met few people now but would never gossip, and never meddled in the lives of others. It is true though that more recently she had often wished her conservative lifestyle could change. The opportunities for that to happen however had simply never presented themselves.

"Hello Mrs Glaister, I'm Hannah Matthews. Thank you for coming in to see me. Please take a seat." There was a pause whilst Ellen sat down, making a mental note of the brusque efficiency and informality of the Sister.