Monday, 14 April 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014 -

Teenage Spankings at Elmwood

by George Redding
Published: Mar 13, 2014
Words: 28,850
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Amber Smith was worried, and for a good reason. The eighteen-year-old senior's parents were attending an assembly at Central High School. The large gathering at the school was not a parent teacher conference or a discussion about the curriculum. Rather, they were there to deliberate over the possible consequences for all of the students involved in the preceding night's celebration. Spanking was at the top of the agenda.

The teenagers in Elmwood, Wisconsin, who had attended the celebration the night before, now sat on porches and door steeps everywhere around town wondering and worrying about the conversations that were taking place inside Central High School.

The Central High volleyball team had won a huge victory over rival Roosevelt High in the state championship game in Madison, Wisconsin, the night before. The students returned home to a hero's welcome and there was dancing in the streets. Unfortunately, the celebration carried over into the nighttime hours and soon there was a major gathering of Central High students and other teens at the Stillwater Motel, by far the most popular place in all of Elmwood. It was owned by the parents of Amber's best friend, Janie Stills.

Amber and Janie who both starred in the victory, had organized the party while returning on the bus trip from Madison. They called a few close friends who were not at the game and told them of the victory and their plan to have some fun upon their return. It was clearly a cause for celebration and the students needed to let out some steam after years of being clobbered by the Roosevelt Hawks.

Janie supplied the location, the Stillwater, and Amber agreed to procure some alcohol with the help of a few college boys who still mixed in with their group. It seemed innocent enough at the time. After all what would it hurt? Both girls decided it was worth the risk. They were both elated over the victory and felt they should do something to mark the occasion. It seemed a fitting tribute after so much hard work.

Neither intended to let the party get out of hand but two six packs of beer soon became a few cases, and hard liquor quickly followed. The party soon spiraled out of control. More and more students arrived to join in the celebration. Some came from a neighboring community college and others arrived from another county. After a few hours partying, fights broke out and there was general chaos. Alcohol was now flowing freely and cans of beer were strewn everywhere. There was yelling and hollering mixed in with, what was by now, a feeble attempt at the school's fight song. Several kids were so drunk that they fell into the pool at the motel.

Eventually the police arrived and a small group of about thirty students were corralled and detained in the pool area and lobby of the motel. Others fled by one means or another.

Previously Janie and Amber had made some ineffective attempts to quell what was rapidly escalating into a riot of sorts but by then it was too late.