Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday, April 06, 2014 -

Weekend Spanking Games

by Paul Markham
Published: Feb 28, 2014
Words: 24,649
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Weekend Spanking Games

The two couples, until recently relative strangers to each other, had spent a very enjoyable, energetic and refreshing weekend together under the vast cloudless skies and endless landscapes of Northumberland. They were now heading back South to re-engage with their various pursuits with renewed enthusiasm and with considerably enhanced knowledge of each other.

It had been mid-September. John and Julie, both feeling the effects of a very exhausting day in their respective workplaces, were chatting about their forthcoming venture with their new friends. They had met Mike and Helen through an online community made up of individuals of all descriptions who shared enjoyment of a somewhat individual form of social practice. Their meetings with Mike and Helen had gone even better than they had expected, to the point where all four of them had felt that it would be great to get away for a long weekend together and to enjoy another shared interest - fell-walking. Given their intimate knowledge of Northumberland, where Julie had spent many a summer holiday with her family during childhood and adolescence, she and John had highly recommended a beautiful remote location not all that far from Alnwick, where an isolated building had been converted very tastefully into an extremely comfortable and well-equipped pied-à-terre for fell-walkers.

They had decided that they would all travel North in John's off-road vehicle. A scan of the long-range weather forecast for Northumberland had suggested that there was likely to be an Indian summer at the end of the first week in October, so they had booked a four-night stay at Hepburn Bothy, where they knew that their new friends would have the best chance of feeling relaxed and comfortable and where they would be able to see which way their new-found friendship would take them all.

As Julie outlined her thoughts on who should have which rooms, and as John exercised his mind in anticipating the logistical demands of the trip, their thoughts were only partially focussed on the 10 o'clock news. But they did see enough for John to comment, with no hint of cynicism, in response to a news item featuring hurricane Amethyst, that was expected to knock seven bells out of the Gulf of Mexico and the southern coast of the USA - that he could not understand why people would want to go to the Caribbean in the hurricane season. He went on to add that we should be thankful that we are spared such climatic excesses in the UK. Julie, who was close to succumbing to the allure of waiting Morpheus' arms, nodded in half-hearted concurrence with her partner's comment.

The plan had been to get away mid-morning on the Thursday and to be clear of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne western bypass before the evening rush-hour started. The plan had gone well and there had even been talk of an early arrival at the Bothy until they became victims of a combination of impatience and bad temper, commonly referred to as road rage that had led ten minutes earlier to the complete closure of the northbound A1 at the Ripon/Thirsk exit.