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Women who Spank Men: Volume 7

by Various authors
Published: Oct 18, 2013
Words: 22,858
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/M
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A Heavenly Job
by Colin Daniels

Diana settled into the comfortable leather chair. She was even tempted to put her feet up on the heavy oak table she sat behind. This is the life, she thought to herself. Two weeks with no rowdy teenagers and no assignments to mark. Surely this is as close to heaven as one can find in a teaching job.

Diana reflected on the circumstances that had given her a dream job for two weeks. The principal had suffered a mild heart attack at the same time as the deputy principal was on a holiday overseas. Diana was an English teacher, not that long out of college herself, but her reputation for strict discipline had seen her given the job of stand-in principal until the deputy returned.

Diana surveyed the room. St Gregory's was an up-market private school and Mr Clodfrey's office certainly reflected the school's high fees. Antique chairs and bookshelves added a plush, though turn of the century, feel to the room.

Suddenly, Diana spotted something above one of the bookshelves that sparked her curiosity - a cane. Diana reached up and removed the cane from the board that it was displayed on. The principal must have left it there to deter would be offenders, though its use had been outlawed by politically correct governments years ago.

Diana studied the cane. It was long and slender, with a traditional crook handle. Diana was amazed that something with such a reputation as a harsh implement of correction could be so light.

She'd never been caned herself and wondered how it would feel. Curiosity got the better of her and Diana tentatively put out her left hand and lightly brought the cane down on her palm. That didn't hurt, she thought. I'd better do it properly if I really want to find out. She lifted the cane again and brought it down with moderate force.

"Shit!" Diana cursed aloud. A thin red line formed across her palm. She shook her hand urgently, dropping the offending implement on her desk.

How did students take such a punishment? I wasn't even doing it that hard. Probably badly, she considered, rubbing her burning palm. They probably bawled their eyes out. No wonder students were much better behaved back then.

Diana visualised one of her cockiest students bending over the desk, bottom up for the cane. She visualised herself holding the cane high, then bringing it down hard across his pants while he begged for mercy. Those were the days, she thought.


Diana slammed down the phone in disgust. She knew her husband did not appreciate calls at work, but he didn't have to be so damn rude. Greg hadn't shown the slightest interest in how she was handling her first day as acting principal. He knew she was nervous about it, but had been more interested in writing some stupid report than hearing about how she was going.

Diana loved her husband, but he could be so inconsiderate at times, and especially so when he was stressed. Diana was so angry she could scream. As fate would have it, she looked down and spotted the cane, still lying on her desk where she had dropped it.