Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 -

Three Merry Maids

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Oct 05, 2013
Words: 22,763
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Three Merry Maids

Two months after finishing their degree courses, Abby, Meg and Katrin were still without a job and money was getting desperately short.

"We have to find something soon, or we'll starve."

"And the rent's due next week."

"And then there's the phone bill - and the electricity ..."

The three of them looked glumly at one another.

"We need a miracle."

"Miracles don't happen to people like us," said Abby disconsolately. "Do they, Meg?"

But Meg wasn't listening. The idea came to her in a flash of inspiration. Yes! It was so simple. Why hadn't they thought of it before? She jumped up with a jubilant smile on her face. "We make our own miracles! And I know how."


"We start our own business." Meg's eyes glinted with excitement. "We set up in business and we make loads of money."

"Doing what?"


"Cleaning? Ugh!" said Katrin.

"I detest cleaning," said Abby.

"Um - well so do I," confessed Meg. "But beggars can't be choosers. Seriously - this offers us a way to make money, pay all our bills, and have plenty left over to spend on us.

"So - how will it work?" asked Abby grudgingly.

"It's easy. We churn out a load of fliers and shove them through letterboxes in the posh end of town. People who live in Highgrove have heaps of money to pay for their houses to be cleaned. We'll need a name for ourselves. Something snappy and inspiring."

"The Cleaning Company?" volunteered Katrin.

"No. That's too dull."

"How about Mops 'n Dusters?" suggested Abby.

"A bit better, but still not right." Meg frowned in deep concentration, and then beamed. "I have it - Three Merry Maids."

"Hey, that's not bad," said Abby.

"It's more than not bad. I like it," grinned Katrin. "Three Merry Maids. Yes, that's us."

They spent the next few hours arguing about the wording and layout for their publicity flyers, and when they eventually reached agreement, printed off several hundred copies. These were then packed into three shoulder bags.

"Well, this is it. I think we're ready to deliver them," said Meg.

"Highgrove here we come! Hang on, let me put some flat shoes on," said Abby.

"Good idea." Katrin stuffed her feet into a pair of low heeled pumps. "Ok, Merry Maids - let's go!"

Three hours later then they arrived home, hot, tired, and thirsty, to find three messages on the answerphone. The girls played them back and jumped around in a state of euphoria. They had three jobs already!

Meg called the clients back for further information, and made a great show of saying stuff like, "I'll just check our appointments diary," and "We are heavily committed, but we can fit you in at 3pm tomorrow," and "Yes, we have excellent references from our satisfied clients."

Katrin and Abby stifled a giggle, and then the three of them decided to celebrate their new found good fortune by ordering a Chinese takeaway and opening a bottle of wine.