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Monday, December 23, 2013 -

The Hazards of Smoking

by Adrian Caine
Published: Oct 18, 2013
Words: 22,670
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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The Hazards of Smoking

It was a chilly November morning. The students of St. Luke's Academy for Girls stood outside the building, blowing on their hands and huddling together for warmth while they waited for the bell to ring.

Two of the girls had crept off by themselves away from the throng, hoping to stay out of sight. 18-year-old Alicia Poundstone, a slim, pretty brunette, fished inside her coat for the two cigarettes she had liberated from her mother's pack that morning.

"You don't think she'll notice, then?" asked her best friend Gracie, a slightly chubby but very comely blonde lass.

"Oh, bugger it if she did! She'll think it was my brother, and it will be great fun to see him thrashed for something he didn't do!"

Alicia wasn't a cruel girl, but her brother Robert had been a nuisance lately, and he had gotten away with stealing cigarettes before. She handed one of the purloined items to her friend, took out a book of matches, and lit it for her. Gracie, inhaling for the first time, coughed a bit. Alicia laughed.

"I thought you said you'd smoked before!" she teased.

"I have! I just never, well, you know, inhaled."

Alicia rolled her eyes. "Honestly, Gracie, you're such a goody-goody!"

"Am not! Take that back!" her friend demanded in mock indignation. Alicia just grinned and lit up, enjoying a long, deep drag.

"Ah, that's the stuff," she said, giddy at the thought of getting away with tasting forbidden fruit. Gracie tried again, and did better this time. It tasted awful, but it was a thrill!

"You girls!" a voice shouted. "Over here at once!"

The girls instinctively dropped the cigarettes and crushed them out under their shoes. "Yes, Ma'am?" Alicia said innocently as Mrs. Stanton, the schoolyard monitor, shot daggers at her.

"Don't 'Yes, Ma'am' me, young lady! I saw what you two were up to. It's a visit to the Headmistress's office for both of you!"

Both girls felt their tummies flip at the news. Headmistress Andersen was notoriously strict about what she called 'substance abuse' among her girls, and smoking definitely fell under that category for her. Mrs. Stanton stood resolute, beckoning the girls over.

"Damn that cow!" Alicia hissed under her breath. "We're for it now!"

Gracie felt a tear form in her eye. Less adventurous than her friend, she'd never been spanked or caned at school before. She had a sinking feeling that her bottom was about to pay for her misdemeanor, and she was right.

The bell rang, and the other girls looked on and whispered amongst themselves as Mrs. Stanton summarily escorted the two girls to the school office. She indicated the bench outside Headmistress Andersen's office.

"Sit down, girls. While you can." The big woman knocked on the door, and disappeared inside for a moment. She came out with an unpleasant smile.

"Go on in, ladies, Headmistress is waiting for you."

Gulping, the girls complied. They found Headmistress Andersen, a formidable woman with a reputation for being tough but fair, standing in front of her desk, her arms folded in front of her.