Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013 -

The Spanking Tent

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Oct 25, 2013
Words: 21,343
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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The Spanking Tent

Miss Fanny Frobisher rapped briskly on the door of the 6th form common room and entered. A large lady wearing floaty clothing, she moved like a galleon in full sail, dropping anchor against a worn leather armchair. Depositing her plentiful bottom onto the chair, she sat, with a wave of her hand.

"Your attention girls, if you please. As you know, this year the school is short of funds for musical instruments. We have a shortfall of £3,000, so I would like you all to put your thinking caps on and come up with some fund-raising ideas."

"What sort of ideas?" mused Heather.

"Anything at all that is practical and can be easily implemented. Now - who is going to start the ball rolling?"

The common room buzzed as the girls began shouting out ideas. Audrey the prefect grabbed a pen and began writing the ideas down on a flip chart. Before long, they had quite a list, and Miss Frobisher nodded in approval.

"We will organise a fund-raising day to be held a week on Friday. Naturally, there will be no school lessons that day." This statement was greeted by rapturous applause. "As we have so many good ideas, I suggest you split into teams of four. Each team will be responsible for planning and implementing one fund raising idea. Now ..." she glanced at the flip chart, "... who is going to bake the cupcakes?"




"And Me!"

"Good. That's Clarissa, Beatrice, Judith and Heather. Next, I need volunteers to make and sell jam and chutney."

Another four hands went up. Audrey the prefect diligently made a note of all the names assigned to the various activities - cupcakes; jams and chutneys; home made lemonade and ginger beer; a white elephant stall; a game of 'Splat the Rat'; a coconut shy; a gypsy fortune-teller; a tombola; and a second hand book stall.

"Excellent," said Miss Frobisher. "We have four girls left to make up the tenth team. Heather - I leave it up to you and Gemma, Marigold and Martina to think of another idea. And I would like you all," she looked round the room, "to collaborate in the design of flyers and posters. I charge you all with the marketing and promotion of this splendid event. Use your imagination to get the message out to as many people as possible."

"Even local radio?" asked Porky Spalding.

"Even local radio," smiled Miss Frobisher. "What a very good idea." She rose from her chair and smiled beatifically. "I have a very busy schedule which will sadly preclude my further involvement in this initiative, but I know I can rely on all of you to turn this into a splendid event for St Agatha's School For Girls."


The appointed day dawned clear and bright. Thanks to the combined efforts of the sixth form, there were crowds of people milling around the school grounds, eating, drinking, browsing and participating in everything on offer.