Thursday, 11 August 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016 -

Spanked by Her Housemates

a sex and spanking menage
by Quentin Quillis
Published: Jul 29, 2016
Words: 18,518
Category: domestic discipline
Orientation: M/F
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It is a perfect evening; four old friends out for dinner to reminisce and share new tales amid lots of laughter. We met in college where we rented a house together and at first I was a little leery of being the only girl with three guys, but it worked out pretty well. We shared chores, kept the place reasonably clean, and became the best of friends. We keep in touch and make it a point to have a special night together at least twice a year. Tonight we met at Ben's house and rode together to the restaurant. Dinner and dessert were wonderful and we stayed long enough to let things settle. When Jason said he thought it was time to move on Ben told me I should go to the ladies room. Vance agreed and reminded me that I might not have another chance for quite a while. I'm almost thirty years old and know perfectly well if and when I should use a bathroom, but I headed off to the rest room anyway.

It was slightly embarrassing to be spoken to like that in a public place but the next phase of our visit was starting. Ben is driving and we're heading back to his house. I'm in the back seat with Vance and Jason on either side. Ben just slid a tape in the car stereo and we hear the beginning of Beethoven's Eighth Symphony. It is sometimes referred to as a maiden between two giants, the Seventh and the Ninth. I've heard it a million times before but had never realized the significance of that designation till now. I am the maiden between two strong men. As we listen I reach out to hold each of their hands. It was this symphony that started it all...

A famous orchestra was giving a concert at our university. Beethoven's Eighth Symphony was the premiere piece as far as we were concerned since we were all music majors and our own college orchestra had played it the year before. We were all intimately familiar with every note and to say we were looking forward to seeing a professional performance was a large understatement. It was my job to get the tickets but unfortunately I waited too long and they sold out. At least the college radio station was going to broadcast the concert so we could hear it, but that was small consolation.

I was in the dog house and although the guys were polite about it I knew they were really mad. There was tension in the air as we gathered in the living room to listen. I again told them I was sorry but they were having none of it and when one of them told me to just be quiet and stand in the corner it met with almost unanimous approval. We had always believed in democracy in our house so I went along with the majority and stood as directed.