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Serving Her Dominant Mistress

a lesbian spanking novella
by Jacqueline Scott
Published: Jul 22, 2016
Words: 39,936
Category: lesbian, bdsm
Orientation: F/F
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Jane Compton's face was pink as she removed her dress and then slipped off her panties. She knew everyone was looking at the newcomer with interest, and her embarrassment actually helped her to keep her mind away from what was to come. Over the table she went, legs slightly apart and with her head resting on her arms. How on earth had she got herself into this sort of thing? It was bizarre and absurd and most people who knew her would never have believed that it could happen. These thoughts, however, were abruptly interrupted.


The first blow from the table tennis bat landed squarely and hard across her bottom.

"Ouch!" she cried, unable to stop herself from doing so.

"Don't worry, Jane," she heard somebody say. "Shout and yell all you want ... there's no shame in that!"

Before she had time to assimilate the words however, the bat descended again, in a slightly different place.


"Oh!" Again she couldn't help the yelp of pain; somehow it just came out of its own accord.



The same reactions applied to the rest of her session. The bat struck ... she cried out. No allowances were made for the 'newbie' and after her allotted eight hard blows Jane felt her bottom hot and throbbing. As she took her place beside the other half naked member of the group who had been spanked already she knew that her face was scarlet but part of her was pleased ... she had done it ... she could accept a spanking from a virtual stranger. All right, it hadn't been that long or all that hard, but it was a start.


In her late thirties, Jane Compton was a divorcee with two daughters, both of whom were now grown and living elsewhere. Caroline, the elder girl, was on a graduate trainee scheme for the Civil Service while her younger sister, Amy, was still at university. Jane's ex-husband, Donald, worked as a Senior Executive in one of the major banks and the long hours that he had worked (and presumably still did), including a number of trips abroad each year, had been one of the reasons that they had drifted apart.

She had married young and had the girls almost immediately. She had been very happy to stay at home and look after the children when they were small. However, Donald had been very traditional and insisted Jane's place was at home, even when there was no real reason to do so. With no career experience to fall back on she had been content to do that for a while but as the girls had grown they didn't need an awful lot of attention, and eventually they left home to go to university.

The couple lived in a large house in the Surrey countryside. The large garden was looked after by a gardener for most things and somebody came in regularly to maintain the swimming pool.