Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 -

Dominant Wives Anthology

35 tales of marital femdom
by Lewis Stone
Published: Aug 11, 2016
Words: 78,531
Category: femdom, CFNM
Orientation: F/M
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Please Stop, I've Had Enough!

William looked at the four women standing and staring at his naked body in the room. They were all fully dressed, and three of them were holding some type of instrument in their hands. His wife Pam had insisted he needed discipline beyond what she could deliver to him so she had arranged for the four women to discipline him that afternoon before he came home. If he did not co-operate with them, he would not be allowed to return home until he had; Pam had made that clear as she sent him on his way that afternoon.

On entering the room he was instructed, "From this moment on you will only address us as Ma'am or Miss even though you know all of our names, do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I will only call you Ma'am or Miss, that is clear," he responded.

"Good boy, William, now strip everything off and be quick. Don't ask any questions or comment, we are here to discipline you, not to listen to you whine or ask stupid questions. Do it NOW!"

William stripped down and waited, while one of the women continued.

"Bend over and hold your knees, and do not let go until we tell you. If you break position we will keep on going on this first of four parts until you obey and hold position."

William bent to grab his knees and waited. The four ladies lined up behind him, and soon the first paddle was smacking his bare bottom hard and fast. The first lady smacked him five times before stepping away to rejoin the line at the back. Each of the women gave him five hard smacks, and then the first woman repeated her five smacks, but this time on his upper thighs as well as his now bright red bottom. William was yelling by time the third lady had started with her paddle, and by the time each of the women had gone through the line twice he was bawling, but he never broke his position, his hands never once leaving his knees.

When the last woman gave him her last five smacks, William said for the first time, "Please stop, I've had enough," but to no avail as the women made it clear his punishment would continue.

Another of the women told him to stand in the corner while they prepared for his next punishment. Five minutes later, he had to cross the room and lay over the woman's lap and got fifty from her hand. Those hand slaps across his already red butt stung like crazy, and he was soon bawling, kicking, squirming and bouncing on her knee every time her hand connected with his bum. The hand slaps from all the women were hard and fast, but he got fifty from each of the women, leaving his butt a red mass of stripes from the paddles and hand prints.