Monday, 29 August 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016 -

Over the Desk: Volume 5

schoolgirl spanking tales
by Mike London
Published: Aug 9, 2016
Words: 25,109
Category: school
Orientation: F/Ff, M/f
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Kate's Detention

Kate Russell rarely wore trousers or jeans. Despite the fact that Andy, her boyfriend, was always telling her what a lovely bottom she had, she could never believe it. She thought her bottom was too big and that this was revealed when she wore trousers. Nevertheless, as she dressed for school that Monday morning, Kate decided she would wear trousers for school.

That afternoon she'd had to stay in after school for the first of the seven detentions she had earned as part of her punishment for stealing books from the school library, and then abusing her position as a school prefect by trying to get her younger sister, Debbie, blamed for it. As well as the detentions, Kate had lost her position as a prefect, and her curvy bottom, badly bruised and covered in fading weals, still bore evidence of the caning she had suffered five days ago.

Kate was not looking forward to her detentions. As a prefect she had frequently made use of her authority to punish naughty junior schoolgirls with lines or detentions and had even reported girls - most recently her sister and Susan Allen - for the cane. She knew that the girls she had punished were very happy in her downfall, and delighted to tease and make trouble for her. Normally, she did her best to keep well out of their way, but she expected to meet a few of her former victims at the detention classes, and did not expect the reunion to be a pleasant one.

Although Kate had been a prefect and had not been in any trouble at school for a long time prior to the recent incident, she had not been quite so well-behaved when she'd been in the junior years. This would by no means be Kate's first detention. In fact her caning the Wednesday before had been the third time she had suffered such a punishment.

The first time had been when her twelve year old bottom had received three stinging strokes after she'd been caught mucking about on the gym apparatus in her second year. That caning had brought with it, as nearly all canings at Bishop Hardinge's school did, a detention, and apart from that occasion, Kate had been sent to the detention class at least a half dozen other times, although the most recent had been three years ago when she'd been in the fourth year.

So Kate knew well enough what to expect during a detention and the reason she had decided to wear trousers rather than her usual skirts were the 'detention punishments'. At Bishop Hardinge's, only the headmistress and her deputy were normally allowed to use the cane, and canings were almost always administered by Mr Fowler, the deputy headmaster. In lessons, teachers could give lines or detentions, set punishment tasks or send a particularly naughty girl to Mrs Woodman, the headmistress, who might well then refer the culprit to Mr Fowler for the cane, but could not use corporal punishment themselves.