Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday, August 07, 2016 -

Justice Delayed

a tale of reform school discipline
by Anthony Alba
Published: Jul 20, 2016
Words: 21,124
Category: reformatory
Orientation: F/F
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So far this tour was proving a lot more interesting than she had expected. As the daughter of a prominent family and a rising star in the political arena, certain things were expected of her, and showing up at official engagements as the dutiful daughter was one of them. She even managed most of the time to look vaguely interested in what was going on.

Today there was no need to feign any interest. It was genuine. The invitation for her father had not been a surprise. After all, Sir Morgan Harris was the Chairperson of the Committee on Penal Reform and everyone agreed that he would be getting a ministerial office at the next reshuffle. It was only natural that he should be asked, but that the invitation had included her as well had been a bit of a surprise. Victoria did not like surprises. She much preferred to be the one springing the surprise, being on the receiving end never ended well as far as she was concerned.

And of course her dear father, the ever-inclusive stepfather, had managed to get Justine added to the invitation.

"It is important that we make her feel at home, Victoria. She is part of the family now." If she heard that one more time she might just scream.

She had agreed of course, but inwardly she groaned. Justine was the daughter of her new stepmother and just because her father had remarried he seemed to think that made Justine her stepsister. She neither wanted nor needed a stepsister, and even if she did, Justine would be the last choice on earth.

The girl was just a year younger than her own twenty and so uptight it was appalling. Worse she wanted to get to know Victoria, wanted to spend quality time with her and that simply would never do. Victoria had spent years carefully cultivating an image that she presented to both her family and the world. As far as everyone was concerned she was the dutiful daughter, the former Head Girl and now undergraduate who was interested in charity as well as active on the student union front. Why she was even captain of her polo team.

Having someone following her around had meant that Victoria had to seriously curtail her activities and that was something she was simply not prepared to do even in the medium term. She might be happy to act in a certain way but that did not mean that she was going to give up her fun. Not for anyone. With Justine hanging around there was a danger that her new 'step-sister' might discover too much about Victoria and, worse, she might spill the beans. Years of carefully cultivating a chosen image would be gone in seconds.

Dealing with Justine had been surprisingly easy, hardly a challenge at all. Now the girl was properly under her thumb and had joined the list of people who possibly knew the real Victoria but who equally would face ruin if even a hint of what they knew ever escaped their lips.