Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 -

Dana's Domestic Discipline

by Carly Burton
Published: Aug 13, 2016
Words: 38,073
Category: domestic discipline, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1

Dana was exhausted after another gruelling 16 hours at the gym where she worked as a Personal Trainer. She was so tired that her only thought on reaching home was to go straight to bed; she was too tired even to contemplate eating. Her schedule throughout the day had not allowed any time for her to have a proper meal. All she had managed was a snack in between her service hours, spent cleaning equipment and office duties, and her private clients. Endless cups of strong coffee kept her going; she knew this was not ideal, but she needed the money.

Her heart sank as she pulled her car alongside the parking bays outside the flat she shared with her boyfriend, Ryan, only to find there was no available space again. She recognised two decrepit old cars belonging to friends of Ryan and sighed in exasperation. His friends would undoubtedly expect to be there all night as they would all be blind drunk and incapable of driving home. Anger was building inside her, she would be forced to endure unwanted guests and would have to park further down the road... again! This was becoming a serious problem and a strain on their relationship.

She found a spot to park her car about a hundred metres from their flat and began unloading her equipment. Two heavy bags weighed her down, but she dare not leave them in the car for fear of them being stolen. She began to walk, her steps weary as she trudged towards home and to top it all, it began to rain.

Although of small stature (Dana was barely five feet tall), she had a honed, athletic figure, with a trim waist and pert breasts. A pair of intelligent dark brown eyes sparked from her pretty face, complemented by light brown hair. When she wasn't tired, run down and angry like she was at that moment, she was stunning, and usually animated and invigorated. She looked much younger than her twenty-five years, youthful and petite, but a force to be reckoned with in the gym. Her clients included huge body builders, who could have been forgiven for assuming this small slip of a girl could not teach them anything. She had thrown out a challenge when she first started work, a free training session with her, and if she didn't make them work hard enough, she would train them free for a month. She only had to make this offer once. She proved herself tenfold, the first man who had scoffed at her ability to effectively train him had been proved categorically wrong and suffered accordingly from the level of workout he was put through. He spread the word that this little firebrand was a dynamo in exercise terms!

Her anger was building the closer she got to home. Ryan had lost his job three months ago, due to bad timekeeping and poor performance and had made no real attempt to find more work.