Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday, December 05, 2014 -

Thoroughly And Soundly Spanked

by Ross Mariner
Published: Sep 22, 2014
Words: 23,502
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Thoroughly and Soundly Spanked

It was going to be a good spanking, but he knew that there would be much of it that he would not enjoy. Sandra would not enjoy it either, once the process was well under way. Are spankings good for you? That had been a question posed for discussion. He intended that this one would be good for Sandra, in the sense that bitter medicine can be good for the ailing patient.

Would it be good for him? He had to admit that some aspects would be. He would enjoy the closeness of the spanking, her warmth and softness pressed against him, his arm holding her in place. It would be impossible, he was sure, not to enjoy the visual effect of her voluptuously generous bottom that had always sent tingles through him, stirring places that refused to remain quiescent at such a view. He was a man, she a woman. Her body was pure femininity, and her bottom always a delightfully firm softness under his hand.

He knew that in the past she could lie across his lap for hours at a time, being petted, stroked and spanked. She had enjoyed his touch, and there was pleasure in a little pain, an exciting sting and glow had been the spice of their relationship in the past. It would no doubt return, although for the past few years they had been apart and she belonged to someone else. He had always gained pleasure from her pleasure and her spankings with him had been times of combined excitement, intimacy and comfortable indolence. Spankings had been their shared delight and pleasure, as they revelled in the delicious sensations of bare hands applied to bare bottoms, and although it was not a frequent thing, on occasion they had changed roles so each could experience everything about a sensual spanking.

Having a relationship along those lines, life had been good in the years they had been exclusive partners, despite the vastness of geography that separated them in their lives. Spanking was what had brought them together, and they were almost kindred souls. Discipline was seldom mentioned between them, and they were essentially agreed that spankings were about pleasure and not punishment, at least for them. Let others choose to play as they would.

Despite all that and a propensity toward leadership and equality herself, Sandra still had a streak of submissiveness that surfaced from time to time, just as there were occasions when the dominant side of her partner emerged from time to time. On one occasion she had said, "If I ever need a good spanking as a reminder, I hope you'll give it to me."

"If that's what you want, of course, But you'll have to ask me, make your need clear."

"I will," she had said. "Count on it." She had then talked a bit about a domestic discipline website to which she belonged.