Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saturday, December 20, 2014 -

The Chance of a Lifetime

by Steve Timmons
Published: Oct 10, 2014
Words: 17,878
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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To all outward appearances, Jim Benson was an ordinary guy. Tall, well-built and reasonably handsome, he held a good job, made a decent salary, lived alone in a comfortable loft apartment in a trendy but not too pricey part of the city.

An affable man with an outgoing personality, he socialized with a regular circle of friends, men and women, dated frequently but with no one woman in particular, and generally seemed at ease in all social situations. He watched his diet, didn't over-indulge in alcohol and kept himself in good shape through regular exercise and workouts at the neighborhood fitness club. Given his many attributes, his friends often wondered why no young woman had yet managed to snag the 27-year-old bachelor.

The answer to that question resided in an important little bit of information to which his circle of friends was not privy. Jim was a secret spanko who spent much of his private time in pursuit of his avocation. A casual perusal of the internet browsing history on his home computer would have revealed a long list of spanking web sites.

Jim wasn't just a lurker, however. Over the years, he'd contributed regularly to a number of spanking story boards and, under a clever pen name, was a well-regarded author on one prominent English-based site in particular. He also enjoyed several of the better video sites.

As mentioned, Jim was a closet spanko. To date, he'd never yet personally experienced the thrill of giving a spanking to anyone, or for that matter, being on the receiving end either. His enjoyment of his avocation had been limited to reading and writing stories, viewing videos and the vicarious thrills he'd managed to achieve whenever he spotted a pretty young woman with a particularly spankable backside.

He would often kid himself that the real reason he belonged to a fitness club was not for the use of the exercise equipment but for the numerous opportunities it afforded him to surreptitiously view the well-toned and tightly clothed bottoms of the many young female members. Quite a few unknowing young lovelies had been the victim of more than one hot spanking in his ever-active imagination and several were often later featured in one of the stories he submitted to his favorite site.

This state of affairs seemed destined to remain unchanged as, for all his wit and charm, Jim seemed at a total loss when it came to finding a young woman who might be inclined to engage in a little spanking play, let alone making a connection with her. Oh sure, there were always the websites, but Jim wasn't about to take that kind of risk.


Just back from the fitness club on a dreary, rainy Saturday morning, Jim booted up his computer and started to surf his favorite sites for the latest uploads as he ate a bowl of cereal. One site was, he noted, offering its famous spanking machine for sale.