Friday, 26 December 2014

Friday, December 26, 2014 -

The Spank Shop: Book 5

by Frank Limadere
Published: Oct 24, 2014
Words: 31,880
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F, F/M
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Kimberley Kennedy left her younger brother's bedroom, after having tucked the young man in for the night, and felt pretty good about herself.

The beautiful eighteen-year-old's parents had gone away for the weekend and left her in charge of the house and her two younger sisters and one younger brother. Now things had settled down Kimberley was going to pop some corn and settle down on the couch with a romantic comedy, maybe something with Sandra Bullock.

The blonde teenager was searching the pantry for the bag of microwave popcorn she had hidden there earlier in the week, and thinking to herself that if one of her siblings had taken it there would be a hot bottom before the weekend was out.

Her back was turned as her sixteen-year-old sister, Chelsea, breezed into the kitchen dressed for a night out, and said a quick, "Hi Kim. Bye Kim."

The older girl turned, and barked, "Freeze!"

Cursing under her breath, Chelsea stopped and faced her sister.

"Where exactly do you think you're going?" Kimberley asked.

"Out," Chelsea said, defiantly.

Kimberley's azure eyes flashed at her sister's tone, and she said, "That's not an answer, Chelsea, and you know it. Out where?"

"A party."

Kimberley kept her temper, what she really wanted to do was shake her sister for her surly behavior, but that would not get her anywhere when Chelsea was in a stubborn mood.

"Whose party?" Kimberley probed.

The younger girl started to look uncomfortable, and replied, "Cameron's."

"Cameron? Cameron Worth?"

Chelsea nodded.

"How do you know Worthless? He's my age and why did he invite you to a party?"

Chelsea said nothing.

"I'm waiting, young lady."

"Kim, do you have to be such a pain about this?" Chelsea complained.

"You're going to get a pain somewhere soon, if you don't dial down the attitude, miss," Kimberley told her sister sternly.

"Kim, Natalie is waiting for me!" Chelsea whined.

"Natalie Stevens!" Kimberley exclaimed. "I should have guessed. Let me see the invitation."

"We're not six years old!" Chelsea retorted.

Kimberley felt her palm itch, but asked, "How did he invite you, then?"


"What? Let me see!" Kimberley took a firm grip on Chelsea's wrist, and dragged her over to the family computer.

"Log on," she ordered her sister.

With a put upon sigh, Chelsea logged onto Cameron Worth's Facebook page. Kimberley looked at the computer screen and her eyes got wider the longer she looked. "Chel', he has over a thousand friends here!"

"Yeah, he's pretty cool."

"No, he's not. What if they all turn up? You're not going."

"Kim!" Chelsea protested.

"No way, Chel'. Mum left me in charge. This thing could turn into a riot."

Chelsea glared at her sister and decided to play her trump card. "Mum said I could go."

Kimberley looked at her sister and smiled.