Friday, 19 December 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014 -

Fall from Grace

by Anthony Alba
Published: Oct 09, 2014
Words: 26,643
Category: historical, victorian
Orientation: M/F (mainly)
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Various extracts from the Diary of Lady Lucy Harrison...

Diary Entry: Tuesday 10 March 1863
It was with no little astonishment that I today received my good and dear friend Lady Susan Blakeney, though it was perhaps more correct to say my former friend and most certainly former Lady Susan Blakeney. The entire town is abuzz with the news of the death of her grandfather, Sir Percy, who was commonly acknowledged as the wealthiest man in the kingdom. All had expected Susan, as I should call her now, to inherit his vast fortune for was it not the case that she was his sole heir and lived under his care since the death of her parents so many years ago? By all accounts both Sir Percy and Susan had enjoyed amicable relations. Certainly it was for this reason that I spent such considerable time and effort in staying on friendly terms with the girl.

Today I learned that all the rumours and innuendo that have so circulated London these last few days are in fact true. The girl had been cut out of the late Sir Percy's last Will and Testament and left with nought but the dress on her back, and furthermore the executors of her grandfather's Will have given her to the end of the week to vacate the home in which she has resided these last years.

As is understandable, the girl was much distressed and I could not fault her for that. For a time I feared that she had come to my door to seek my aid for she was quick to describe me as her dearest friend in the entire world. I confess my shock at the news left me quite speechless for a time. To think that all of those years I have spent pandering to the whims of this girl in the hopes of her assistance and companionship when she finally came into her inheritance are wasted at the stroke of a pen! Had Sir Percy no consideration for my endeavours at all?

Foolish as she is, Susan mistook my understandable fury for shock. I had it in my mind to explain to her that under no circumstances was I prepared to compound my wasted efforts on giving to her money and resources I could ill afford so that she might regain some small measure of her standing in society. She could starve in the gutter for all I cared or sell her body as a common whore. It was at this point that I learned that as shocking as the morning's news had been I yet retained a capacity to be confounded further.

The girl wishes to enter service! She was abashed and frightfully shamed to make such an appeal and I could only imagine the indignity such a request imposed upon her. For a woman of her breeding and education to seek a servant's position! Who could endure such debasement?