Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 -

Becoming Little Katie

by Marina Martin
Published: Oct 23, 2014
Words: 29,007
Category: ageplay
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter 1: Going "Home"

Katherine McCullough was a junior from the prestigious private college, Sparton, in Idaho. She was studying biology there, but really wanted to go into marine biology. Thankfully, the school had an internship program where for one semester in your junior year you would fly to Florida, stay with a host family, and work at a marine animal rehabilitation center with other educational exhibits as well, such as an invasive species room. Her job would be taking care of the larger animals at the center as well as the smaller exhibits and taking children on tours and out to seine for macro and micro-invertebrates that could only be found in salt water; this was an experience that was impossible to get in the Great Plains.

It really was a miracle that Katherine had made it this far in life. Her dad had left her mom when he found out she was pregnant with her, and her mom drank herself into oblivion. She found herself in the foster care system at the early age of six, and by age eight, she had to sneak out of her window each morning just to make it to school. Her foster family wanted cheap labor and nothing more. Punishment was lack of food or clothing and the word ‘play’ never entered a conversation. There was no time for play between trying to squeeze in homework and keep up with the chores she was assigned.

When she reached high school her biology teacher saw her potential and adopted her, but by that time it was too late. She had lost out on an entire childhood. She'd never had a birthday party, never played with dolls, never went to the park, was never grounded as she never had anything to be grounded from, and had never been spanked. That was probably the only decent thing about her foster family: they did not hit in retaliation. They just starved their children instead.

Under the new regime of Mrs. Hendrichs, her grades began to flourish and she put her complete all into schoolwork. No discipline was needed. She wanted nothing more than to please this woman who would take a teenager into her house and even give her advanced private lessons at home. By the time she graduated high school it was with honors, and she had a full ride scholarship to Sparton.

Now she waited nervously in the airport terminal. She'd already collected her larger suitcase (plus her carry-on bag) and was looking for her host family, the Meres. Supposedly the two adults were in their lower fifties, and they had three daughters, aged 8 (Sarah), 11 (Athalia, or Talie) and 12 (Chrystal or Chrys). It was a Saturday; the school wanted her to have a couple of days to settle in with her new family before having to start attending classes. She was nervous. She had never lived with a normal family with children who didn't work like sweat shop workers before, and didn't know how to respond to that.