Monday, 18 August 2014

Monday, August 18, 2014 -

Little Evie

by Chloe Carpenter
a BDSM ageplay romance
Published: Jul 12, 2014
Words: 25,259
Category: ageplay, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Evie glanced in the mirror. An angelic face stared back at her with flawless creamy skin, cute nose and liquid hazel eyes beneath arched brown brows and dark lashes, contrasting with a tumble of blonde curls. She had always considered her waist-length pre-Raphaelite tresses to be her prize asset, and given her current desperate financial situation her hair was her only asset. She sighed, tied her unruly locks back in a pony tail, then applied a light coating of mascara and a touch of pale pink, shimmery lipstick.

"You'd better get this job girl," she told herself, "or ..." Her face fell. If she didn't get it there would be no option but to sell the house.

Pushing away the encroaching negative thoughts, Evie smoothed her dress and slipped on a matching navy blue jacket, then picked up her shoulder bag and left the house. Her interview was scheduled for 2pm, and she could walk the short distance to the department store in under twenty minutes.


She arrived fifteen minutes early and was shown to a small waiting area at the end of a wide corridor lined with offices on the top floor of the store. This floor housed the administration, personnel and accounting staff. Barkers was a family business and had been operating in this location for over 100 years, and in spite of the recession was managing not only to keep afloat but to make a profit in each of the twelve stores located throughout the country.

Evie sat and tried not to fidget. She glanced at the two girls seated opposite. One was an attractive yet tarty-looking brunette with a rather snooty expression. Heavily made up, she was wearing a designer-label outfit, ridiculously impractical high heels, and reeked of expensive perfume. She stared at Evie contemptuously, taking in her rather plain attire.

The other girl was totally different - she had a round friendly face with lots of freckles, and her ginger hair curled softly, framing her face. A pair of lively green eyes sparkled as she smiled at Evie. "Hi."

"Hi." Evie warmed to the girl instantly and returned a smile.

"I'm here for the job in Ladies Wear. Which one are you after?"

"The vacancy in the cafeteria," said Evie.

"Good luck."

"Thanks, and you too."

"You'll need more than luck," said the other girl dismissively. She gave Evie a snooty stare.

"Oh?" Evie felt intimidated but was determined not to let it show.

"I'm here for the cafeteria vacancy too and I happen to know I'm exactly the person they're looking for," she sneered.

"Well as you've both been selected for interview, you both stand an equal chance," said the ginger haired girl. She shot Evie a supportive look.

"Equal? No way. I've been doing the job for the past four weeks," retorted the snooty girl. She smiled smugly at Evie. "So you may as well leave now. No point in wasting everyone's time. Why don't you just piss off."