Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014 -

Disciplined by the Doctor

by India Heath
Published: Jul 17, 2014
Words: 27,793
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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"Hey Doc, got a new patient for you to look over." Sheriff Jack Keen walked into Springrock's doctor's surgery, almost dragging a petite figure behind him.

Sam looked at the young girl and frowned at the egg-sized lump on her forehead. His perceptive gaze quickly swept the length of her body, looking for other outward signs of injury but, apart from the bump, she appeared unhurt.

"Found her slumped against the wheel of her car on the Corby Road," said the Sheriff. "I figure she took the sharp bend too fast and skidded off into a tree. Damn lucky she ain't more hurt than she is."

Dr Sam Baxter's frown deepened in concern as he took the tiny girl's hand and gently led her towards him. "She still could be, Jack. The full extent of a head injury isn't always apparent straight away. Was she unconscious for long?"

The plump Sheriff shrugged. "Not sure she was unconscious at all. Just seems in shock to me. Hasn't said a word since I found her."

Sam smiled down at the girl. Wide, frightened green eyes stared back up at him from beneath a thick cascade of auburn hair. She really was beautiful. Her mouth was a perfect bow and the full bottom lip quivered slightly as though she were about to cry. "Hey Sweetie," Sam murmured, every protective instinct within him reacting to her forlorn expression. "You gonna let me take a look at you?" She didn't answer but stood passively still, her little hand still clutched within Sam's warm palm. "You wanna hop up onto the bed for me?" When she still didn't respond, Sam took matters into his own hands and spanned her tiny waist to lift her up onto the examining table. She was as light as a feather. "You say she was slumped in the driver's seat, Sheriff? She doesn't look old enough to even have a licence."

"She's twenty-one, according to the ID I found in her purse. Name's Emma James. Judging by the rucksack on the backseat, I'd say she was probably just passing through." Jack's mouth set wearily. "She won't be going anywhere for a while though now, her car's bent up pretty bad."

"Anyone else hurt?"

"Nope," Jack sighed. "Didn't look to be anyone riding with her and no signs of another car being involved in the crash either."

In his capacity as Springrock's Sheriff, Jack had seen many a car accident in his day. It wasn't unusual for there to be no other cars involved. The small West Virginian town had its share of narrow winding roads, some with steep inclines. City folk came speeding through without a thought to wandering wildlife or dense stretches of road with no street lights.

"Hi Emma," Sam said and smiled. "I'm Sam." Green eyes studied him warily.