Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday, August 01, 2014 -

Appointment for Contrition

by Guy Spencer
Published: Jun 25, 2014
Words: 40,179
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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As Beth drove into the church parking lot, she was relieved to see it empty except for Dr. Lee's car. It was almost time for her regular 'Contrition' appointment with her Pastor, Dr. Lee, and she greatly preferred for it to be in private, especially today!

She let herself into the side door of the church. Her steps sounded hollow in the empty sanctuary as she headed for the basement stairway. She could have changed in the main ladies' room, but somehow using an empty Sunday school room felt more private. After a nervous glance at her watch, she quickly disrobed, removing first her blouse and slacks, and then her bra and panties. Naked except for her socks, she pulled her white 'Truth' gown over her head.

The gown was diaphanous and pure white, but otherwise unadorned. They were all lovingly made by Sister March, a retired seamstress. Dr. Lee had suggested the sheer material to 'let the truth shine through'.

She looked down at herself critically. The gown modestly obscured her well-preserved private charms, but the outline of her shapely figure seemed to project itself through the material. Her body was rounded in all the correct places. Her flaring hips accentuated a narrow waist and a tummy she kept flat only with great effort.


The adult church members called him Dr. Lee, out of respect for both the man and for the Doctor of Divinity degree displayed in an ornate frame in his office. Dr. Lee was a young man, and Faith Temple was his first church. He was still unmarried, but two of the members' daughters had recently reached marriage age and were showing distinct interest. Although single and younger than much of his congregation, Dr. Lee had become a popular and respected fixture in the church. In fact, all considered him a loved and trusted family member.

Catholics call it 'Confession', a system that has worked for them for centuries. At Faith Temple, they expanded on the concept and called it 'Contrition.'

After his first year as Pastor, Dr. Lee began to identify certain problems in the congregation, many of them leading to preventable marital problems. It was a middle class congregation, but most of the households were single-earner with the wife home all day. Dr. Lee felt that this was leading to trouble, so he decided to devote extra time to counseling the wives. At first, this was just a series of private pastoral talks with the ladies, but as he began to understand the problems, he began to take more direct action.

The sessions evolved into a scheduled biweekly private meeting with each female congregation member. They would go over everything that had happened in the lady's life over the last two weeks. At a suggestion from a parishioner, those special 'Truth' gowns were introduced. Wearing them for Contrition appointments set the proper mood and made everybody the same, removing all barriers of class and age.