Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014 -

An Incentive for Discipline

by Ryan Rowland
Published: Jul 18, 2014
Words: 24,341
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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An Incentive for Discipline

"Sure, Anne. I guess can watch Nathan for a while longer. It won't be a problem." Nancy had to force herself to say that. She didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings, but her boy was often an obnoxious brat.

Anne Wilson was grateful to her friend. A single mother whose husband had abandoned her shortly after their son was born, Anne was working two jobs and struggling to provide for herself and her child. She didn't know how she could get by without Nancy, who had a son the same age, and frequently watched Nathan for her.

"Thanks, Nancy. I'll be there to pick him up as soon as I meet with Dr. Howard. We need to talk about Nathan's progress."

Actually, the issue was larger than that, but she didn't want to share the details. Anne hung up the phone and checked her make-up in the mirror. She applied a little lipstick and brushed her hair. When she was satisfied with her appearance, she considered the large, old-fashioned hairbrush she held in her hand. She had owned the brush since she was a little girl, and it held a lot of memories, not all of them pleasant. Instead of returning the hairbrush to its normal place on the vanity, she dropped it into her purse as she left for her visit with Dr. Howard.


Dr. Mark Howard was not a medical doctor. His doctorate was in education. A handsome man only six years Anne's senior, he was young for his position as an administrator at a local private school. But his excellent reputation for his work with young children had earned him the job.

Anne adored her son. Nathan was a sweet child, though even she admitted he could be a bit difficult at times. Due to a chronic ear infection, he had missed much of his time in kindergarten. And because of her busy work schedule, she didn't have as much time to spend with him as she would have liked. Anne was afraid he was going to be behind the other children when he started school in a few months. On the advice of a friend, she had approached Dr. Howard about special tutoring for Nathan.

Living alone since his wife had been killed in a car accident two years previously, Mark Howard had the free time to do a bit of tutoring on the side, and had been impressed by Anne's concern. Too many parents failed to appreciate the importance of a proper foundation for their children's education. He agreed to evaluate the boy's potential and readiness without charge since he knew she was struggling financially and didn't even have a car.

Anne had been overjoyed at his kindness. She took an immediate liking to Dr. Howard and sensed that the feeling might be mutual. But after a couple of sessions with Nathan, Mark reported there was a problem.