Thursday, 23 January 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014 -

Vinnie's Heart

by Rosanna Young
Published: Nov 08, 2013
Words: 23,821
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Vinnie's Heart

Lavinia sat in the window seat trying to look out over the park-like grounds that surrounded the manor house her husband had imprisoned her in for most of her ill-fated marriage. Instead, her view of the wet world beyond was blocked by the reflection of her own face and as she watched, a tear mimicked the trail of a raindrop on the outside of the window, running slowly down the cold pain of glass.

She had thought her life was just beginning when the handsomest man she had ever met asked her to dance at her best friend's wedding. For a woman on the shelf at the advanced age of 24, any man's attention was, as her mama put it, a godsend. Of course, she was the maid of honor, and he was the groom's best man and younger brother, so he had had no choice but to dance with her. She had floated on air for the whole of the waltz they had shared.

She hadn't seen him again until her friend, now Lady Ann, had invited her to visit with her in the country. Ann was already expecting and wouldn't be going into town for the social season. Not that it showed, of course not since it was only a just discovered miracle, but Ann was content to stay at home and bask in the wondrous feelings of impending motherhood ... wondrous except for those nasty bouts of morning sickness. Vinnie had no desire to endure another season either. Just the thought of once again trying to parade herself in front of that pack of young men made her cringe. She was never going to find a husband. They all wanted one of those pale little waifs that were so popular, and waif she was not. Oh, not so tall really, maybe 5'4", but that made eating that last cake more dangerous, and more times than not, Vinnie gave into the urge to eat, rather than care that the small confection would just land right on her hips.

When Lavinia arrived at the home of her friend she was ushered into the drawing room, a cozy space with cushy wicker furniture scattered around in the newest style. There he was. The first thing she saw upon entering was him! She had not even considered he would be there, but since he was her host's brother, it made sense that he might be in residence. He hadn't noticed her yet, and so she took time to study him for a moment as he smoked his pipe, and stroked a black cat that happened to be sharing the chair with him. I'll remember him that way always, she thought.

"Ohh, Robert! Hello. I didn't realize you would be here. Remember me, Lavinia? I was at the wedding," she said, holding out her hand in greeting.
Lavinia's visit flew by, and after extending for another week, she had to return home. Despite her wishes, her mother and father wanted her to take her place in the social whirl.