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Naughty Oxford Games

by Jon Thorn
Published: Oct 31, 2013
Words: 28,363
Category: general
Orientation: M/F, F/F
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After such a lovely Christmas it was rather depressing to have to go back to school. But that initial feeling quickly faded and I was soon back into the swing of things. The weather was cold but clear and it was hard to feel glum on such beautiful sunny days. I missed Tom like mad but there were other distractions to keep me occupied.

One of the privileges of being Head Girl was that after lessons and at weekends I was allowed to go down into the village of Little Westland, just a short walk away from the school gates. It was a privilege that Claire shared and often we would go and take a tea in a pretty teashop by the bridge. For other pupils the village was strictly out of bounds, so it was a special pleasure to have a little sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of school life.

We had just finished our tea when looking out of the window Claire spotted someone. In fact she spotted two people, both from Westland Hall.

"Isn't that Henry Marchbank and Justine Simmonds?" she said, pointing them out to me.

"You're right it is!" I exclaimed. Henry was in Lower Sixth and Justine was in our year. "Claire, can you settle the bill while I go after them? - they'd better have a good excuse!"

Leaving Claire in the teashop I hurried out of the door. They were strolling along, oblivious to anyone else, neither were in school uniform which was a further indication that they were out of bounds. Occasionally pupils were granted special permission to go to the village but a requirement was always that they went in school uniform. They turned as I caught them up, suddenly aware of my footsteps behind them.

"Shit!" exclaimed Henry as he saw me. "We're for it now!"

"Indeed you are Marchbank... and you Miss Simmonds," I said sternly, surprising myself with my authoritative tone (I had obviously learnt something from Tom!). "Have either of you permission to be out of school?"

Justine glumly shook her head. She was a pretty thing with big brown eyes and shoulder length dark hair. Henry shook his head too. "No... no we haven't. Look Pippa, couldn't you overlook it just this once?"

Claire had joined us by now and it was her who replied. "No Henry Marchbank, she can't. We both promised to uphold the rules when we took on these roles and it's very clear what we must do. Pippa can't just let you off and neither can I!"

"Indeed," I nodded my head. "What house are you in Henry?"

"Grogan's," he said miserably.

"Then I shall write a note to the Head Boy telling him where to find you. No doubt you will hear from this evening or tomorrow morning. Now I suggest you get back to school the way you came, as quickly as you can."

We waited until he had set off, at pace, along the riverbank towards school.