Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday, January 12, 2014 -

Spanking Al Fresco

by Rue Chapman
Published: Nov 07, 2013
Words: 22,452
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Spanking Al Fresco

Nina walked through the house one more time, checking that everything was ready. These preparations always added to her excitement. She'd vacuumed, put fresh flowers in the vases, hidden the worst of the mess in the spare bedroom... all the things you do before company comes.

And put the toy chest and a few other special items in the main bedroom. Not something you do before ordinary company comes. But this was a special visitor.

She already had that tingle of excitement building, that delicious anticipation.

It seemed so silly to be standing there in your nice, ordinary outfit, and to know that soon you'd be bent over while someone spanked your bare bottom. It was such a ridiculous idea, totally ludicrous. She wore this skirt and top to work, to go shopping... what would people think if she said, "The last time I wore this skirt I got my bottom spanked!"

She shivered, and walked around the house again, unable to settle to anything. She'd never liked waiting.

And this time she had a special surprise for him. She didn't want him to get bored with the same old routine, not that he seemed to mind it. Usually they'd have a nice meal together, and a nice chat together, then he'd say. "Well, how about we get started?" And the butterflies would start, and he'd follow her down the corridor to the bedroom, and then...

Usually he'd start with a ruler or crop over her skirt, then over panties, then finally on the bare, he liked to unveil gradually. She loved the way the light tapping over her skirt built up to a fiercer sting on panties, then there was that shivery moment of embarrassment - still, after their years together, being bared made her feel so exposed and helpless. And the bite of ruler on bare skin was always able to make her gasp. Then there'd be a paddle, or maybe the tawse. He always worked methodically, slow steady strokes in sets of ten, twenty or thirty, then moved to the other side for an equal amount. To even her up, of course - such a kind thought.

After that it depended on the game they were playing. A lady of the evening would have to display her merchandise. A slave girl would be stripped to remind her of her lowly, submissive status. In fact, whatever roles they had, somehow it was always time for her to reveal her charms. In a way she hated this - what woman likes being stripped naked, losing all her protective covering, and having to stand there, in a room with one wall covered by mirrors, with all her faults on show? But by now he knew what he was getting, and he didn't seem to dislike the show, so she'd become accustomed to it. And usually, if she wore her favourite black lace bustier (so flattering, it covered all the problem areas from breast to hip, while leaving the fun parts freely available), or the black satin garter belt and stockings, he'd tell her to leave it on.