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Thursday, January 09, 2014 -

The Master & the Governess

by DJ Black
Published: Oct 31, 2013
Words: 25,160
Category: general
Orientation: M/F, F/F
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The Master, His Daughter & the Governess

"Lucy, I'm bored," Amelia pouted. "I know it's raining and we couldn't go for our evening walk, but being sent to bed so early is too much."

"Heavens yes, at 17 we are almost old enough to come out; it is too tiresome to be sent to bed when it's barely eight o'clock," Lucy agreed.

"I say we could sneak out anyway. No one would know; we could go to the village and see what's happening at the inn."

Lucy's eyes lit up at the idea until Amelia mentioned the inn. She had tried that stunt once before, and it led to a confrontation with Papa that was all too disagreeable.

"That awful housekeeper of yours has taken our things to be brushed," Lucy remembered, happy to have an excuse not to risk the inn where they would almost certainly be recognised.

"To the garden then, as we are, the sunset will be awash with colour in the rain, like a painting by Mr Turner," Amelia enthused.

"We will get soaked and our night things will be ruined, and then we are sure to be caught," Lucy pointed out.

Amelia returned a stare with an expression like her face would explode in mirth.

"Not if we took them off and went as nymphs into the woods. Despite the rain, it is certainly warm enough," Amelia grinned impishly.

"Oh Amelia, the very idea." Lucy's jaw hung open in shock, although she had never been so excited by an idea.

"I dare you," Amelia said, deciding something.

"I dare you; it's your idea," Lucy replied, beside herself.

"All right," Amelia said with a firm nod as she pulled her nightgown over her head.

Lucy gasped, startled by her friend's beauty, unaccustomed as she was to seeing nudity.

"Come on," Amelia giggled as she bolted to the door.

Lucy hesitated for a moment longer and then followed suit.

What a sight they made, two naked girls sneaking down the back stairs to the little-used back door. Lucy, overwhelmed by excitement, could not stop her giggles.

"Hush or someone will hear us," Amelia said, giggling just as much.

Outside was cooler than they had thought and the rain felt chillier still as it peppered their bare skin with its spray. As they reached the edge of the woods, Amelia wished she had worn her slippers at least, as the pricking of fallen brush and twigs made her dance. However, Lucy looked sideways at her like a wild pony and threw all caution to the wind as she embraced their adventure.

"Whee," she squealed as she ran into the fiery red woodland.

They were shivering by the time they reached the woods' far edge where the land fell away to the horizon. As expected, the red sky was awash with fluid purple and blue as the rain smudged the sunset like an artist's watercolours.

"The sea is only five miles that way," Amelia said in wonder. "Oh, we should go there as we are one day and swim."