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Carla on Top

by Adrian Caine
Published: Nov 01, 2013
Words: 22,833
Category: femdom
Orientation: F/F
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Carla on Top

First, I announce that she's going to be punished and why, and send her to change into her punishment (drop seat) pajamas. This is an effective way to start, because she hates coming out into the living room wearing those things, even though it's just the two of us. Although she's still wearing panties at this point, the flap must always be down - it's the reason we got them, after all!

Usually I just point to the corner next to the TV. She puts her nose in the corner and her hands on her head. She's usually still grumbling a little at this early stage, but I ignore it. After ten minutes, I call her out and have her stand in front of me, her hands still on her head. I ask her what she's being punished for, and once I get a confession, I tell her why the behavior is unacceptable and how disappointed I am. This unfailingly brings a bright blush to her cheeks and tells me I have her full attention.

She goes over my lap, and I start spanking her over her panties. Once I've built up a good flush, I tell her to stand and take off her pajamas. Although she knows it's futile, she always begs me to let her keep them on! I just wait, staring at her and waiting. Knowing I'll wait her out, she finally surrenders and takes off the pj's, leaving her in just her bra and panties.

Back over my lap she goes, and I peel her panties down to mid thigh. Then I set to work, peppering her bare bottom and the tops of her thighs with sharp, hard swats. She tends to wiggle and squirm, kicking her bare feet and reaching around to protect her burning backside. I catch her right hand in my left and pin it to her back, and wait a moment to let her catch her breath. Then I pick up my wooden hairbrush, and start spanking hard! She becomes very vocal at this point, and it takes a bit of effort to hold her in place as she flops around on my lap, trying to avoid the brush. I cover the entire spankable area, and I keep it up until she she's caterwauling!

As I want her to sting a lot, but bruise not at all, I soon slow my pace. I concentrate light, sharp, stinging swats of the brush all over the sensitive junction of her bottom and thighs until I'm sure she won't be sitting comfortably for a few days. Then I put down the brush and let her cry, rubbing her back and her sore bottom.

When she gets herself back under control somewhat, I ask, "Are we going to have to revisit this issue, young lady?" She swears by all that's holy that we won't, and I seal the promise with two stunning hand claps across her backside. This results in more sobbing, at which point I unhook her bra and remove it along with her panties. "Corner," I tell her.