Saturday, 18 May 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013 -

The Transformation of Alice O

by Jacqueline Scott
Published: May 14, 2013
Words: 24,759
Category: general
Orientation: F/F
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Alice Oakley was puzzled and confused, not to mention having feelings of guilt. Married to Charles and with two lovely daughters, Matilda (known to everyone as Tilly) and Anne, there was on the surface at any rate, absolutely no reason why she should be experiencing any of these emotions. Money was not a problem ... Charles was qualified in both law and accountancy, had risen rapidly through the ranks of one of the major accountancy practices and had been in a perfect position to take advantage of the explosion in business consultancy. He was ten years older than Alice and came from a wealthy background quite apart from the money he earned professionally.

Earlier that year they had celebrated their silver wedding. Tilly was spending a year at a college in Switzerland prior to going up to university in the following autumn while Anne was in the sixth form at a small but exclusive boarding school and both girls were clearly highly intelligent as well as attractive. The whole family was healthy and there seemed no reason for anything to be disturbing Alice. And yet somehow she felt dissatisfied in a way she found difficult to explain to herself never mind articulate to anybody else. Indeed part of her confusion related to something she did not want to articulate to anyone, even Charles.

"Get yourself a job dear! Or take a lover! Or better still - both!"

She had, probably mistakenly, partly confided in her good friend Caroline Farningham who she met for lunch each Tuesday. Alice smiled - Caroline was always quite dramatic.

"I mean it! The alternative is to go nuts! You just said that yourself."

"Oh for goodness sake, Caroline, what on earth would I do?"

"What ... with a lover? My God, Alice things must be much worse than you've told me if you don't know that!"

"Behave yourself, Caroline! You know what I mean. I've never had a paid job in my life. What on earth could I do?"

"Lots of things. You've a good degree. And you've been organising Charles's home life for over twenty five years now, not to mention the whole family. That doesn't just happen, you know. You must have plenty of skills. You're attractive. You could probably work for any professional firm. Receptionist would be ideal, to start with at any rate - or something like a job-share with somebody similar. I'm sure there are a number of opportunities if you want to look for them. For example I'm sure you could be somebody's PA with a bit of experience. And an office-type environment would mean that you got to meet lots of different people. That would be good for you. Might get you a lover that way too!"

"Oh yes! I can just see mousey little me doing that!"

"Well maybe, but at least you would be meeting people. The internet. That's another way. Get on the internet and find yourself somebody. I'm told that's the way to do it these days. Internet dating - that's what everybody is doing."