Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 -

Raw Act of Possession

by SarAdora
Published: May 09, 2013
Words: 18,896
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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The phone call came at midnight. He had been expecting it, yet was still surprised to hear the appointment confirmed. He had been out of the scene for years - training the last sub hadn't amused him as it used to - he wasn't in love with them - just got a big kick out of being the Dom. The kick wasn't there any more. He was tired of all the rituals, the play parties - always the same, just with different players, and the signals passed back and forth between the Doms, and most of all, he was tired of the preening. He wasn't there to show off - just to enjoy himself, get some sexual satisfaction, and move on.

He was good at what he did, but knew that he wasn't a serious player. He had always been capable of inflicting pain - but his heart wasn't in it. He didn't get off on the kind of bondage and torture and humiliation so many wanted before they could find sexual gratification. It didn't hold any appeal for him. Jonas thought pain should be erotic, a prelude to pleasure, not humiliating, and gradually, he moved away from the lifestyle. He had topped both sexes over the years, but when it came to his own gratification, he couldn't resist a beautiful woman begging him to fuck her.

Roger Cavanaugh got his number from an old friend asking for a favor. The new Dom wanted his new sub to learn a lesson - she was too independent he had said - too sassy - too bossy - she needed to learn who her Master was. He wanted Jonas to teach those lessons to the uppity wench.

"I'm not asking you to become her Master," he told him after Jonas agreed to meet him for a drink. "Just want to loan her to you for a day or two - let her know what it's like to behave properly. I'll bet she'll be more compliant when I get her back. Of course, you can fuck her. She's a beauty - a cocky one, but a beauty. I think you'll enjoy the challenge."

Jonas nodded. He hadn't met the sub he couldn't control and Roger was fairly new to the scene. Maybe he'd do this just to prove he still had it in him and if she really was as beautiful as he said, he might get some pleasure out of it.

"Only one condition," Roger told the big muscular man. "Don't hurt her too badly - don't mark her skin but feel free to make her beg, make her cry, make her ask for forgiveness. She could use a little humility."

"She's all right with this?" he had asked. "She's into the scene and knows you're giving her to me for disciplining?"

"She's my sub," Roger said, his gaze focusing on the drink before him, unable to look Jonas in the eye. "She doesn't have a choice."