Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013 -

Orphan Girl

by Jon Thorn
Published: May 07, 2013
Words: 22,467
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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I stand in the crowd in front of the justice building. I am as nervous as all the other girls but there is no big sister to squeeze my hand, no anxious mother or father waiting and hoping with the other parents. I am alone, the oldest girl from the District Ten orphanage. My dress is a grey, drab, my dark hair lank around my shoulders. They are about to draw the names for the Pain Games - the two girls who will go up to the Capitol for this year's ritual humiliation. It is the first time my name has been entered, the first time I am old enough. I shiver, although it isn't cold.

I have watched the Pain Games on the big screen for the last three years and it has always been difficult to watch. I feel for those boys and girls who have to take part. I have a sense of what they are going through. I am no stranger to corporal punishment. I have never been a good girl, never been a biddable child and in the orphanage they don't spare the strap. Many times I have had to assume the position over the end of my bed, my dress raised, my knickers around my knees.

I think back to the last time. It was different to before. It always hurts but last time it got to me in another way. I feel myself blushing as I remember the feelings - the feelings of excitement and shame. It turned me on, that's the truth of it. I don't know what to make of that. Does anyone else ever get worked up like that? There is no-one I can talk to, no-one I can confide in. It should just be a punishment, I shouldn't derive any pleasure from it, so why does it do that to me? The thought of two whole days of corporal punishment is both scary and exciting, and that's why I shiver. Hopefully it won't be my name that comes out of the bowl.

The man from the Capitol is called 'Melvin Hughes' and there is a nasty leer in his voice.

"Now ladies..." he smiles at us, "I won't keep you on tenterhooks for much longer. I am sure you're all dying to know who's going to have the privilege of representing District Ten in the 63rdPain Games! Which lucky, lucky girl is going to have the chance to appear on our screens to entertain us all? Let's find out shall we?"

He dips his hand into the glass globe and I watch as his fingers catch a single slip of paper. Even before he pulls the paper out I have a strong sense that it is going to be me. He unfolds the piece of paper and beams around at us.

"Lucinda Colquen!" he announces. "Lucinda! Lucy! Do come and join me on the stage!"

It is almost as though I have suddenly contracted some nasty disease.