Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013 -

Special Forces Love

by Cara Lynn
Published: Apr 20, 2013
Words: 25,093
Category: romance
Orientation: M/F
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Special Forces Love

Isabelle Ricci is 25 years old, alone in this world, and starting anew. She had inherited her parent's vast fortune when she lost them a year ago in a horrible car accident. So now she has no family, and because she always kept her own company, she had no friends either.

She had left Chicago and decided to start a new life in Miami. She loved the ocean and the heat. She had endured her last winter of snow and ice. Because money wasn’t a problem, she was going to start a new business making designer cards. Hopefully the rich people here would like her designs, and she'd be a real success.

It was just getting dark and Belle had finished eating at her favorite Cuban restaurant. She wasn't paying attention because she was texting one of her possible suppliers. She had wandered into a bad neighborhood and still wasn't paying attention to where she was going.


On the same street, in the same bad neighborhood, were Jaxon and his Special Forces team, Clint and Jake. They were in the middle of a black ops mission to take down two of the top Columbian drug cartels. Just as everything started going down, Belle walked right into the middle of it. Because they were using silencers she never saw the men fire and take down several of their competition, but the team did.

"Jax, do you see her?" Clint asked. "Can you get to her?"

"Yeah, I think so," he replied running at her. He scooped her over his shoulder and kept running until he got to his black SUV. He opened the driver's door, threw her inside, started the vehicle and sped away before he even noticed his passenger.

Belle was screaming at him. "What the fuck! Who the fuck are you? Let me out of here you asshole. Do you hear me?"

"You have one minute to calm down and listen to me and clean up your language," he snapped at her.

"Let me the fuck out of here. I want out now!!!" she screamed at him trying to open the car door.

"Stop it immediately, young lady," he snapped again. "I'm trying to save you."

"Fuck you are!! You're a pervert who's trying to fucking kidnap me!" she screamed.

"Okay, that's it. Sorry, but I have to do this," he snapped at her as he reached over, grabbed her by the shoulder and applied pressure to her neck. It was a technique he learned in Special Forces training and he was all too familiar with how it worked. Suddenly, she slumped in the seat. He knew she'd be out for a while.

"Clint, are you there?" Jaxon asked.

"I'm here Jax. The mission's over and it was a partial success," he replied knowing his team leader was not going to be happy.

"Partial success? What do you mean?" he asked.

"Well, Manuel and his men took out Jose and most of his men, but they saw the girl. I'm sure they thought she saw them too, so three of them went after you, and we weren't able to catch them. You guys are in danger," Clint said.