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Wednesday, April 03, 2013 -

Introducing the Dominant Man

by Neil Dominik
Published: Apr 01, 2013
Words: 21,980
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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INTRODUCING THE DOMINANT MAN: Susan Briggs, aka Lavinia De Courselle, is a writer of erotic fiction. She lives in a secluded cottage on the edge of the countryside, and one day opens the door to a tall dark and intensely dominant stranger. He berates her, blames her for his wife leaving him for a dominant lifestyle man after reading one of her books, and then takes his revenge by spanking her bare bottom. This has the effect of injecting a whole new dynamic into her prose - she has a potential best seller within her grasp!

BAD UNCLE DENIS: Christine, an impoverished recovering drug addict, moves in with her uncle-in-law. While supporting and caring for her, Denis admits that he will spank her when she misbehaves. On one occasion, Christine comes home drunk, and this earns her six of the best with the cane - and a surprising confession from Uncle Denis. This in turn, leads to the beginnings of a whole new relationship.

THE BOX: This is a sweet story about an old man, his greedy offspring keen to ingratiate themselves for any inheritance. It transpires that his grown granddaughter Natasha is quite fond of spanking games - she certainly has the bottom for it! But will she get any money her Grandad might leave, or will his fortune go the cat sanctuary? Or perhaps she stands to inherit something infinitely more precious.

DANCING CAN WAIT: A moderately handicapped school girl feels left out of normal activities because the Principal refuses to paddle her. She tells a somewhat bemused teacher that she deserves to be paddled as she has been repeatedly late for school. Forcing her father to authorize 'equal treatment' she gets the paddling she deserves and feels less different due to her disability. Her changed status even earns her respect from her peers - and Troy in particular.

ELIZA: Elderly Len has very vivid dreams, recently featuring the most attractive Eliza who is noticeably more elegant than the young girls in the day care centre. Eliza is in serious need of severe discipline, which despite his lack of mobility he finds he is able to administer. These dreams are definitely much more satisfying than those with which his nights used to be filled!

THE FAIRY SPANKMOTHER GOES TO UNIVERSITY: The fairy spankmother's next mission is a difficult one. Her target is a feminist lecturer at the university, who is far too cynical for her own good. It takes some magic but the deed is done, just payment to collect now!

FOUND OUT: Elaine arrives home to discover her lover Kirsty whom she considers her partner, seated in the living room with her husband John. Not realising that each was aware of the other's existence, she is even more surprised to discover that they have a joint punishment planned for her. She is instructed to change into her sexy nightie and soon discovers just how severe the punishment will be!

I MUST NOT MESS AROUND WITH LAURA HAMPTON: Susan returns home to another caning after once again succumbing to her friend Laura's influence. The punishment is completed with a reward.

IFFY MIFFY: It seemed easy enough, at the time of making the appointment, to find the location of the sexy Welsh Dominatrix, Miss Jones. The pervy traveller eventually arrives and checks in, and eagerly awaits the first session of the evening. But he is in for a big surprise - and it involves a selection of Welsh vegetables!

JAN'S MAKEUNDER: Carole walking out on him when she finds out he's a spanko, hits Alan very hard. Jan, a Lesbian friend, has a plan to help him get back his life, and make him into the Top he aspires to be. Alan meets Jan's partner, Liz and proves he can handle various instruments. A Spanking party is next and at the end Alan is a new, confident Dom. He is curious as to why these women have done all this to help him, and the answers are somewhat surprising.

OLD-FASHIONED WAYS: Ken Wilkinson considers himself fortunate to be winding down his banking career in the quiet coastal resort of Seahaven. Even the business's only excitement, a case involving the Fraud Squad, turns out to be a domestic matter dealt with inside the family - with the aid of a slipper. When the same offender is brought to Ken as a potential employee, he and his staff have their strategy worked out! Old-fashioned banking is certainly not boring.

SINGAPORE STING: Rachel, a flight attendant, has an overnight stop in Singapore. Unfortunately her medications breach local laws and she has to submit to a bare bottomed caning in room 348 from an excise officer for importing drugs with intent to supply. But is everything as straightforward as it appears on the surface ...?

THY ROD AND STAFF: Katrina is a girl in serious need of direction and through meeting 'Sir' at a munch, has found her way. This older man proves to be her 'Good Shepherd' and his rod and staff more than comforts her as she turns from a scruffy girl to a composed and self-assured woman.

TROUBLE AT T'MILL: Shirley is going to line-dancing classes - or so she tells her husband. In fact, she's attending a fetish club where things go horribly wrong when she tells prospective spanker what to do in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, she fails to realise who he is, and things get nasty when she does. But she isn't the only one keeping a secret!

WENDY, WENDY: Kath is shocked when Wendy, who she had bullied mercilessly at school, joins the company she works for. She has to talk to Wendy about it and even offers to let Wendy cane her. Wendy takes her up on the offer and gives Kath the most severe caning she has ever had. She shows pictures to her husband, Nathan, who is very interested and has a question to ask his wife - the very same question Kath asks her Dom.