Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013 -

Finishing School

by Scott Church
Published: Apr 10, 2013
Words: 63,530
Category: general
Orientation: mixed
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Welcome to Birchwood Castle

Sitting In the back of her father's big Rover, as it roared over the bleak landscape that is Salisbury Plain, Lucinda reflected upon her situation. The smell of the leather upholstery, and the coarseness of her new school uniform, together with the motion of the car made her feel rather nauseous; or was it just the thought of what was to come? She felt really belittled, dressed in her knee length maroon skirt, crisp white blouse, tie and blazer with the School crest sewn onto the breast pocket. And it didn't stop there either; she even had to wear regulation navy blue knickers and white socks. It was just last week, on the day of her 18th birthday that this bombshell had been dropped upon her.

"Lucinda," Mr Adams had announced, "your mother and I have decided to send you to finishing school. You are an intelligent girl, but you've wasted your years at school so far, and I'm not having any daughter of mine going into the world so obviously unprepared as you are."

Never had she felt such disappointment as when those words were spoken. She had thought her schooldays were over, that soon she would be going to balls, meeting young men and generally having fun. But no, it's back to school and no ordinary school either. Three weeks ago her father had been to the school alone, to arrange her education there himself and only on her birthday last week, when it was all confirmed, was she informed. The thought of it filled her with dread. She had been to no less than 4 different schools since the age of eleven and had under-achieved at all of them.

Although she didn't lack intelligence, Lucinda was by nature a mischievous girl, always in trouble for one thing or another. She paid little attention to her studies, always of the opinion she'd marry a rich husband who would keep her happy for the rest of her life. She thought the days of school dinners, uniforms and discipline were behind her, but from the preparations she'd been through in the last week, it seemed like this would be worse than ever. She had three different uniforms packed in her trunk, as well as her gym and sports kit; what was that all about? Thoughts of previous schools came to mind. All the times she'd been shouted at, made to stay behind and write lines, the times she'd been spanked, slippered, strapped and even caned in front of the whole class. She slipped her hands under her bottom involuntarily at the thought, but she also felt that nice sexy sensation in her groin that she always felt, after her bottom was punished.

"Surely I won't get that here," she thought to herself, "after all, I'm 18, far too old to be bending over for a thrashing."

She looked out of the car window and watched the barren Wiltshire landscape flashing by.