Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013 -

Destiny and Desire

by Lucy Appleby
Published: Apr 25, 2013
Words: 36,339
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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THE APOTHECARY'S DAUGHTER: is a sexy and satisfying spanking romance with a fairy-tale quality, telling the story of the apothecary's daughter, Yasmina, and her ordeal at the hands of her wicked step-mother. This results in a public whipping and harsh treatment in jail. But Yasmina avoids a death sentence by escaping and is subsequently befriended by kindly old Alys who teaches her that spankings need not be cruel, but erotic and enjoyable - a fact reinforced by the enigmatic Tristan, whose destiny is inexplicably linked with Yasmina's.

THE CASTLE: Beth is shocked when she finds her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her best friend. Distraught, she drives off and heads north where she gets hopelessly lost and runs out of petrol. She’s picked up by a rustic and very old-fashioned family in a horse and cart, and they give her shelter for the night in a castle. Alerted by a sharp noise in the night, Beth peeks through a crack in the wall, and learns of the spanking proclivities of her hosts. Beth wakes in the morning to find other people milling around this strange place. A procession emerges, led by Milo - a huge man with chains around his wrist. Attached to the chains are naked women; they are led to a platform in front of the crowd, where they are strapped. Enraged, Beth throws a rock at Milo. Big mistake! She is hauled on to the platform herself. The situation looks bleak, but Milo's retribution is interrupted by the appearance of Lord Ingram. The command is given to clean Beth up and bring her to him. Once in his room she reluctantly obeys his commands to lift her gown, but when he fondles her she slaps him. Outraged, he announces her death sentence and has her dispatched to the dungeon. But a castle guard named Rolaund is sympathetic to the victims of the cruel regime at the castle of the sadistic Lord Ingram ...

THE DREAMER: Single, wealthy and attractive, Alice enjoys all the benefits of a nice lifestyle. But she is not content as there is something missing from her life, something that has eluded her, something that she can only glimpse in her dreams. Her recurring dream is of a house in the woods, and a mysterious figure waiting for her there. One day, acting on impulse, Alice gets in her car and drives north, convinced that by doing so, she will somehow unravel the meaning of her dream. As she explores the quaint alleyways of York she finds herself in a narrow passageway which leads her to a curio shop full of treasures and esoteric objects. Venturing inside she meets the enigmatic proprietor who sells her a very special box. Back at home she opens the box, and finds the key to a new life of passion and discipline at the hands of the man she was destined to meet.

THE GREEN MAN: is who ... or what Laura discovers when she journeys to Oak Lodge, her house in the country, and revisits her secret place; for deep in the heart of the wood is a clearing where there stands an ancient oak. The sun and dappled shadows play tricks as she imagines she sees a face in the leaves, but the face is as real as the man who leaps down from the tree to entrance her, and spank her and birch her, and couple with her beneath the oak. A few weeks later Laura returns to the village for the May Day celebrations, where there is a giant effigy of Jack In The Green, embodying the vibrant spirit of the wild wood. She meets Adam, and the two have a whirlwind romance. There is only one thing missing from the relationship, and even when Laura plucks up the courage to ask Adam to give her the spankings she craves, he does so in a half hearted fashion - until the pair go together to Laura's secret place, where something both strange, erotic and deeply satisfying takes place.

THE WOODSMAN: is an atmospheric and sensuous story set in two different time periods. Alysha disobeys her stepfather's warning and ventures into the wild woods where she encounters the Woodsman, a fierce, commanding man who is a part of the ethereal landscape. Alysha is irresistibly drawn to him, and as events unfurl we see her indignation mingle with wishful submission. He knows her secret and deepest needs... he spanks and straps and birches her as the prelude to a long education under his guidance. Five hundred years later, Alice, holidaying in an English country cottage, encounters a fierce, commanding man to whom she is irresistibly drawn...