Friday, 30 September 2016

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The Strict Schoolmistress: Book Four

schoolboy tales of yesteryear
by Arthur James
Published: Sep 4, 2016
Words: 24,715
Category: femdom, nostalgia
Orientation: F/m
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Thin Pyjamas
featuring Miss Keller

"I have received a very serious complaint about your behaviour from matron, Catesby," remarked Miss Keller. She was standing at the foot of the new boy's bed with an expression of mild amusement on her pale attractive face. There was complete and utter silence in the dormitory. All the boys knew Miss Keller and were therefore most careful to allow no hint of amusement to show in their own youthful faces.

Catesby had been caught red-handed by matron engaged in an energetic pillow fight on the staircase with three girls whose dormitory was directly above the boys' dormitory. A group of twelve-year-old girls from a boarding school in Surrey were on a short hockey tour and were staying at St Meredith's for a week. This was not the first case of youthful high spirits that had occurred since the girls had arrived. Miss Keller was of the opinion that the girls concerned needed a firm hand preferably applied with some force across their bottoms. However, the visiting hockey team were not really her responsibility although she would speak to the young schoolmistress who was meant to be in charge.

Catesby was looking at her with an expression reminiscent of an angel who had just finished saying his prayers. The child was not so much handsome as pretty she thought, indeed if he had grown his hair a little longer he could all too easily have been mistaken for a girl himself.

"Have you anything at all to say in your own defence, Catesby?" enquired Miss Keller. She sat on the very end of the boy's bed and the boy's expression tickled her sense of humour. Her bright blue eyes twinkled frostily, a smile quivered momentarily on her lips.

"It wasn't his fault, Miss Keller! It was a dormitory raid. Catesby wasn't to blame. It was really the girls that started it!" said Bennett-Brown.

"Bennett-Brown, you will remain silent or suffer the consequences. Catesby can speak for himself. Now did those girls attack you or were you attacking them?"

She had no doubt they were all equally responsible. Doubtless most of the other boys were involved as well but they had almost certainly scampered back to the dormitory by the time matron made her unwelcome appearance.

"It was my fault entirely, Miss Keller. The girls weren't in the least bit to blame," he said; his face looked rather pale as he spoke. In all likelihood the other boys had told him what to expect if he ended up on the wrong side of Miss Keller. The young schoolmistress was strangely touched by the boy's quixotic attempt to shoulder the entire blame. Trust matron to poke her sharp little nose into the affair. Usually, she would have been happily engaged in watching her favourite soap opera on a Monday evening. As she stood up, the mattress springs creaked.