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A Dominant Man for Callie

domestic discipline romance
by W. Arthur
Published: Aug 25, 2016
Words: 33,502
Category: domestic discipline, romance
Orientation: M/F
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Callie Watterson was trying her best to stand still with her nose pressed against the wall, just like she was ordered to do. Her panties were down below her knees and her small but curvaceous bottom practically glowed from the spanking she had received a few minutes ago.

However, in spite of her best effort, she began to fidget, moving first one foot, then the other, back and forth. Part of the problem was that her bottom hurt. Her husband Brent had used the paint paddle on her while she was draped submissively across his lap. The combination of the long paddling plus the awkward position never failed to reduce her to hot tears within a minute or two. Certainly, today's experience was no exception. She would feel the effects of this punishment for at least a day or so.

But another part of the problem was that she was conflicted. In her mind she knew that she had deserved the spanking; it was, after all, her fault and her fault alone that she had interrupted him while he was working on an important case. She knew logically that she shouldn't have interrupted him; she knew she should have been happy that at least he was working at home instead of remaining at the office, as he often did. Finally, she understood that, as a rising star in a very active law firm, Brent would be extremely busy and need to work at home in the evening and even on weekends.

They had discussed this at length before they were married three weeks ago (somehow it seemed much longer to Callie, almost another lifetime). Brent had told her in no uncertain terms that for the time being he would need to work as many hours as the firm required. And Callie said that she understood, especially since the law firm was representing her father's company, Roaring Meadows Pharmaceuticals, in several lawsuits involving patent infringement. She also knew that the preparation and litigation could very well drag on for weeks, if not months.

But this was Saturday evening, a time when most newly married couples were together, enjoying each other's company and doing what newlyweds are supposed to do. In fact, this evening, Callie had wanted to go out for dinner and maybe a movie, sit in the darkened theater and neck like a couple of teenagers. When she mentioned it at breakfast, Brent just shrugged, saying, "We'll see, Callie." She knew only too well what that meant.

Those had been the last words he had spoken to her, as he holed up in his office with the door closed, leaving her to stew about being left alone on a Saturday. Finally, at five-thirty, after she had entertained herself as much as she could, she worked up enough anger to push open his office door and practically storm inside. "Are you going to ignore me all day and all evening too?" she had blurted out.