Thursday, 22 September 2016

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The Alien's Little Girl

a sci-fi ageplay romance
by Rose St. Andrews
Published: Aug 31, 2016
Words: 32,201
Category: ageplay, romance, sci-fi
Orientation: M/F
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Chapter One

Demi lay on the bed and sobbed. Her life was in a downward spiral and she saw no hope of fixing it, no light at the end of the tunnel, as her dad used to say. No, if anything, the light in her tunnel was an old fashioned train coming right at her. Frankly, she welcomed the idea: a quick and painless death to end her suffering.

"Dem-me, are you all right?" a familiar voice said behind her.

Snapping up to a sitting position, she stifled her tears, and wiped her face before turning to face him. She managed a small smile. "Tyne, how many times have I told you, it's pronounced 'Demi'!"

"I am sorry, but there are aspects of your human language that still escape me. Again I ask, why are you troubled?"

"It's nothing, I'm fine. I have to be going. Your beds are all made; fresh towels are in the bathroom."

She moved for the door, but he was easily able to block her. They made for quite a pair. She a petite (a hair under five-feet) yet muscular young woman with a pageboy haircut (she liked keeping her black hair super short), and he a Florian. Tyne was part of the delegation from Planet Florian, the newest planet to join the Confederation, and they'd been on Earth for a month now negotiating the terms of the treaty. The Florians were quite the beautiful race: incredibly tall (seven feet was the minimum height), long golden hair, and features that made them look like elves or some other mystical beings. That first day, when they arrived at the diplomatic hotel, Demi had been smitten by Tyne, and been deeply moved by the fact that he treated her (an ordinary maid) like a real person.

Most people didn't, especially her ex-husband.

Tyne knelt down so they were almost face to face and scoldingly wagged his long index finger at her. "Dem-me, do not lie to me. What is troubling you?"

She stood there and hung her head, a tear trickling down her cheek. "The hotel is cutting my hours."

"Cut... hours? Ah, they are reducing your workload. That is not acceptable. Do you not have a high debt and must struggle to get your ends to come together?"

"It's 'make ends meet', Tyne," she said with a weak smile.

He cupped her tiny chin in his large hand. "At least it made you smile. Is there not something to be done for you?"

"Tyne, that's very sweet of you to ask about, but I'll deal with it. I can look for a third job and see if the casino will give me an extension."

"Cas-ino? I thought your debts were with financial institutions."

"Banks, we call them banks, and yes, most of my debt is with them, but my ex also gambled a lot, and left me with the debts at the gambling places."