Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 -

An English Girl at a Texas High School

three schoolgirl spanking tales
by Paul Jackson
Published: Aug 30, 2016
Words: 22,532
Category: school
Orientation: M/F
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An English Girl at a Texas High School

Joanne Brett and her family moved to the state of Texas two years ago. Her father had been offered a lucrative long term contract with an oil company, and the Brett's had since settled into an expansive, beautiful new home in Fort Worth. Joanne, an affable, vivacious, yet quaintly English teenager, had adapted well to life in Texas, and had successfully settled into high school, both academically and socially. Her imperturbable charm and fizzy personality that blended well with her Englishness ensured that she made lots of friends, with many students doing their best to befriend the sixteen-year-old English girl. If there was a beach party, student dance, or a drive out, you could bet Joanne would be invited along.

Joanne couldn't get enough of Texas culture and its rich history. In Fort Worth she often spent her time visiting the array of museums, especially the wonderful modern art museum. By contrast, she adored the yearly World Rodeo Finals and spending great times with her high school friends at Sundance Square and its pulsating plaza.

School life was very different from that of her English comprehensive school in Surrey. Firstly, there was no compulsory school uniform, which she felt gave her more freedom, allowed her to express herself, and made her feel like an adult. There was dress code, but in the main, students wore what they liked. Although intrinsically modest, Joanne was well aware of her attractiveness.

The pleated skirts, blazers and ties from her English school did nothing for her superb figure and physical charms, whereas tight pants, short skirts and skimpy tops did much to show off her teenage appeal. And there was little doubting that designer clothing and casual wear helped to enhance her desirability with the guys on campus, who found her angelic, clear features and mounds of thick chestnut hair, irresistible.

Academically, the American high school stretched her more and had a wider curriculum base, and the extra-curricular activities were varied and exciting. But of equal importance, although there were school rules, there was a feeling of freedom and camaraderie not experienced at her comprehensive in England.

So the two years she had so far spent at Dean Valley High, which would soon see her turn eighteen, had been the happiest of her school life. However, there was one issue that both she and her parents had questioned, that was vaguely mentioned in the student handbook. It was the issue of discipline. It briefly mentioned that a student could make a choice between suspension and something called 'swats.' The handbook did not explain this further and nothing referring to 'swats' was discussed when her parents were interviewed for Joanne's prospective enrolment.

Joanne was not exactly sure what 'swats' meant, until on her acceptance, she and her parents were asked to sign a consent form. Of course Joanne was horrified to learn that 'swats' meant reporting to an Assistant Principal (AP), or indeed the Principal, to be spanked with a wooden paddle.