Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015 -

When a Man Spanks a Woman

a collection of erotic spanking stories
by India Heath
Published: Aug 8, 2015
Words: 47,173
Category: general
Orientation: M/F
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Office Exposure

"I've lost your mother!"

Graham Stone looked up from the laptop in front of him and scowled at Mia. "You've what?"

Mia Thorpe shrugged and bit her lower lip. "Well, not 'lost' exactly... I've mislaid her."

Graham pinched the bridge of his nose in weary despair. "She is my mother, Miss Thorpe, not a FedEx parcel! How can you possibly have lost her?"

Mia took a small step nearer her boss's desk but didn't dare go too close. Graham Stone in a temper was a man to be wary of. "Well I managed to find her at the airport..."

"Wonders never cease!"

"But the car was parked a few minutes' walk away so I settled her on a bench and told her I'd get the car and be right back. Only when I did get back, she was gone."

Graham took a deep breath and Mia guessed he was counting to ten. "So you just put it down to what? Alien abduction? Kidnap? How about natural wastage? Then gave up and came back to the office without her!"

Mia felt her own volatile temper flare as embarrassment reddened her cheeks. "Of course I didn't just give up! I looked for her... but she had gone."

"Well obviously you didn't look bloody well hard enough."

"Don't shout at me," Mia returned defensively. "What was I supposed to have done? Tie her to the bench? I was only gone ten minutes. I didn't expect her to go walk-about."

"She's an old lady," Graham pointed out hotly. "Anything could have happened to her."

"Well since she's your mother, perhaps you should have gone and collected her yourself."

"Well I would have done," Graham pointed out sarcastically, "If my incompetent little brat of a secretary hadn't scheduled our biggest client to a video-conference meeting at the same time."

Mia's guilty embarrassment intensified. Okay, she deserved that one. She had messed up with an important client and left Graham no choice but to make alternative arrangements for the arrival of his mother. Now, what should have been an easy trip to the airport had turned into another disaster for Mia. Why was she so destined to mess up?

Graham had banned her from drinking coffee at her desk (or anywhere near his) because of the number of times she had spilt it on important files or even the PC. She only had to look at the photocopier for it to start shooting out paper at a hundred miles an hour, covered in black ink splodges. She had broken two staplers, one calculator and four rulers in the year she had been working at Stone Enterprises. Oh... and lost the key to the filing cabinet... twice! In fact Mia was beginning to feel jinxed.

It wasn't that she was stupid or unqualified, she was just a bit scatty at times and exceptionally accident prone.