Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday, September 18, 2015 -

Memories of Westminster Lodge

and other schoolgirl spanking tales
by Paul Jackson
Published: Aug 6, 2015
Words: 28,739
Category: school
Orientation: M/F
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Memories of Westminster Lodge

"Shall we feed the ducks?" said the youthful looking mother as she threw the last of the breadcrumbs to the sparrows gathered on the damp grass.

The excited tot in the pushchair shrilled aloud, "Ducks mummy! Ducks!"

"Come on then, let's feed the ducks," smiled the pretty blonde, pushing the pushchair towards the vast pond. It was a cold, crisp morning as the sun danced blissfully upon the green hills that rose above the huge oaks and birches at the bottom of the long winding path. It was simply ideal for a day at Westminster Park. There were lakes to see, rides to take, treats to eat, a beautiful cathedral and even a medieval castle to visit.

Sitting prominently in the distance across the boating lake stood Westminster Lodge, as erect and strong as a mountain lion that ruled its Kingdom. The young mother with the tot, Cheryl Walker, put her hand to her brow to get a clearer look, her concentration broken only by her tiny son's cry of, "Doggy mummy!" Cheryl smiled warmly from her cute oval mouth and cuddled the infant that was so dear to her.

Cheryl reflected on the gloriously happy six years she had spent at the Lodge, a co-ed private school for the offspring of wealthy parents. Twelve years had passed since her schooldays had ended when she left the upper sixth with four 'A' level passes. Exam pressures were far outweighed by the enjoyment she had experienced during what she termed as the best days of her life. Being chosen as head girl whilst in the sixth, and being made captain of the sixth form hockey and lacrosse teams were accolades that she warmly cherished. She sighed. Life then had such a simplicity and innocence about it. Being a vivacious teenager seemed far happier than being a thirty-year-old housewife. Her marriage to Roger had come too soon and now it was stale. She wouldn't leave for the sake of the children, but during the last four years there had been other men.

Hardly surprising, because Cheryl was indeed a most attractive woman, looking and feeling about eight years younger than she was. Good dieting, yoga classes and regular workouts helped her maintain her youthful looks, and men of all ages were attracted to her. Her skin was like silk and her medium length blonde hair was as honey-kissed as when she was the envy of the upper sixth. At the private gym, available to those who were prepared to pay excessive fees, she looked seductively ravishing in her leotards, seductive enough to attract the attention of a young bodybuilder, seven years her junior.

The glow had momentarily disappeared from her face. She was at the crossroads of her life, a life that was undoubtedly endowed with the best: a luxurious home, a wealthy entrepreneur of a husband, and two wonderful children. But she was here at Westminster Park to take stock and quite honestly, life with Roger was such a bore.