Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015 -

Disciplined... with Love

a collection of erotic M/F paddling stories
by Geraldine Hillis
Published: Aug 5, 2015
Words: 51,811
Category: romance, domestic discipline
Orientation: M/F
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Discipline with Love

A New Computer

Joanna stood facing the wall of the bedroom, her mind spinning with confused emotions. Some time soon, Graeme would come through the door, and she would be faced with the biggest decision of her life - to accept and stay - or to refuse and go. She leant her forehead against the cool pine panelling, and thought over the events which had led her to this pass.


"Damn!" said Joanna Rutherford, as the screwdriver slipped again and jabbed into her thigh. 'Easy Home-Assembly' it had said on the box. Yeah, right, she thought. Easy if you had a degree in engineering or something. Not so easy if the most constructive thing you'd ever done was build a little square house out of Lego bricks! Why hadn't she just accepted her brother-in-law's offer to come over and do this for her? Pride - that's why. She was a mature, independent twenty-eight year old woman, and she would do this herself!

And do it she did. Two hours and much cursing later she stood back and proudly surveyed the new computer-desk. True, she had a couple of bits left over, but she was pretty sure they weren't important, and the desk seemed steady enough. Tomorrow the computer would arrive, and the prospect filled her with a child-like excitement. She had saved long and hard for this. Steadfastly turning her back on the tempting interest free credit offers, she had gone each week to the building society and deposited her money, denying herself many of life's little luxuries in the process. But it was worth it.

Joanna was even more sure of that the following evening as she looked at the brand new equipment all nicely set up on the brand new desk. Tentatively, she set up her first Internet account.


She was brought back to the present by the sound of Graeme moving around in the living room. Was he really going to punish her as he had said? Could she - would she - submit? Did she want this? That question would have been so easy to answer a year ago, with an unequivocal 'Yes'. But now that the moment had come, she just didn't know any more. Just one year since the night she had typed 'that word' into the Search Engine.


Over the next few weeks Joanna became more confident and competent with her computer skills. She learned that cutting and pasting had nothing to do with scissors; that Spam wasn't just that revolting pink meat that came in a tin, and that wallpaper was more than the flowery stuff that decorated her bedroom. The Net was a source of wonder to her. Information on her favourite rock stars and authors, recipes, hints and tips on everything from gardening to gynaecology - all this at her fingertips. She loved it.