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The Doctor And His Little Assistant

by Rose St. Andrews
Published: May 12, 2015
Words: 19,907
Category: ageplay,romance
Orientation: M/F
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Bruce headed for his front door, his shoulders slumped, and a slight tightness in his gut. It had been a long hard day at the clinic. He was feeling very down. On the one hand, he was a good doctor, but on the other hand, he had trouble getting patients. Ever since the changes to the medical insurance laws had pushed most people into an HMO, the old-fashioned type of doctor's office - like his - had suffered.

That was why he now drove a Ford and had to sell the BMW. At least he still had one simple joy in his life: his little baby. Just the thought of her put a spring in his step and got him standing up straight. He entered their modest home and looked at the playpen in the corner of the living room. Ah, yet another disappointment. It was empty.

Damn, that means she's working again.

He was right. The sound of computer keys being typed on was coming from the study. It brought him down, as it made him sad that she had to work. He headed for the study. The sight before him did make him smile. Little Shania, his petite darling, sat there in one of her cute little girl outfits: short skirt, bright green blouse, and a big green bow in her straight ebony hair. Yeah, she might be twenty-three, but she looked all of about twelve.


Shania sat at Daddy's desk. A slight creak of the floor made her turn her head. Daddy Bruce was standing in the doorway. He didn't look happy. She tingled at the sight of him, both from fear and excitement. He was such a magnificent figure of a man. Well over six feet, solid build, sparkling blue eyes, and almost white-blond hair.

"Hi, Daddy, how are you? Yeah, I know, I'm not playing. I'm sorry," she said.

He sighed and stepped over to kiss her on the forehead. "It's okay, baby. But what happened to Nanny Marsha?"

Marsha was the Domme that Bruce had hired to not only watch over Shania while he was at work, but also taken care of his office - schedule patients, file billing, organize the staff and so on.

"Daddy, I caught her stealing from petty cash and your jewelry case. She tried to browbeat me by being all 'I'm the dominant here, Missy.' Well, that's fine when it comes to playtime, but this was theft from my daddy, and I won't stand for that from anyone! I fired her and sent her packing."

"Ah, that's my little girl, always watching out for her daddy," he said and kissed her again. "But, Daddy is home now, and he is feeling stressed, which means...?"

"Daddy needs to de-stress. Yes, sir, I'll go wait for you," she said with a nod.

She plodded off to her playroom.